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  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation, @playsoft It occurred to me that you had to use intra-character "animation" but there are so many (apparent) variations in the hills I didn't think anyone would go to that much trouble. But I guess if you were to decompose it the hills can be constructed from a relatively finite set of variations amenable to character mapping. Sounds like you had some useful PC-based tools to streamline this. At any rate, brilliant. Kudos!
  2. Thanks DrVenkman, but the image is perfect when I hook up my Atari to an older flat-screen Sharp TV via S-video. So the fault must lie somewhere within the video capture device.
  3. Thanks mytek - but that sounds way beyond my capabilities LOL.
  4. Thanks Ivop. So I tried the composite input on the video capture device instead of S-Video. Now the image looks more or less normal (white text on blue background in Notepad e.g.), albeit not as clean as the S-Video. Unfortunately, the colour palette is still off somewhat... a video game that is supposed to have a blue background is closer to purple. Will have to see if I can tweak the palette to correct for that.
  5. Haha! Once an Atarian, always an Atarian I guess. HBO User Group - that was a lifetime ago!
  6. Process of elimination... I was able to hook the S-video output of the cable to a TV with an S-Video input, and the image is clean. Must be the video capture device (or the software)!
  7. The cable I'm using is from 8-bit Classics (https://www.8bitclassics.com/) who seem to specialize in Atari 8 bit and C64, so I would assume they wouldn't have taken such a shortcut, but I don't know. I've emailed them to see if they have any insights. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks @DrVenkman. Can anyone recommend a video capture device that does handle S video correctly?
  9. Haha yes that’s me 😁. Just fired up my old 800 for the first time in about 25 years!
  10. Hello folks... just recently resurrected my Atari 800 and was looking to display video output from it in a window on my Windows laptop. To that end, I've invested in an S-Video cable from 8-bit Classics. This works fine if I connect to a monitor. I plug the large 5-pin end into the 5-pin S-Video port on the 800, and on the other end the red/white/yellow composite plugs into the monitor. Displays a nice clean image. Now, I'd like to take that video and display it in a window on my Windows laptop instead. I've got a video capture device from UCEC, which has composite and S-video connectors on one end, and a USB connector on the other. So the chain is as follows: Atari 800 --> S-video cable --> S-video connector on UCEC vidcap device --> USB to USB-C cable --> USB-C port on my laptop. Then I run OBS software, and I'm able to view the video in a window. The problem is that the default blue background we're all familiar with is instead a very pale blue, almost white, making the "READY" prompt and any text almost unreadable. See image. I've played around with every video-related setting I can find in OBS, to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. Does anyone have any technical notes on the programming of Runner Bear? Ways to contact the developers? I thought I knew the hardware pretty well, having written some machine language games myself, but the parallax effect here is excellent and I have no idea how they could have achieved it. Display List Interrupts and fine scrolling registers of course... but there has to be something else.
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