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  1. @atarilovesyou @KeeperofLindblum @derFunkenstein @Azathoth apologies for bumping an old thread - but does anyone if you can use two PS2s connected via iLink/FireWire to emulate the original PlayStation 1 link cable that used the PS1 serial port? So the example I’m thinking of would be - you have two fat PS2s linked by iLink (and hooked up to two CRTs) but instead of a PS2 game - you have two copies of something like Twisted Metal 3 (either on original PS1 discs or backup ROMs on some homebrew PS2 launcher installed on the PS2s’ hard drives) would this work, or do you just need to have PS1s and the original link cable? thanks 🙏
  2. Got the impression from the eBay seller that they did the mod themselves (it's a 4 port unit)
  3. @-^CrossBow^- It's been already modded to remove the need for the switch box thankfully
  4. I have to send my multicard in the post soon, as my Odyssey is having some repairs done, so I modified a shockbox-style case for a NES, and lined it with anti-static material so that the PCB won't get damaged. Just for fun, I threw together an insert for the case. The file attached is an A3 sized page, and when you cut out the insert, it should fit in a case designed for a NES cartridge. It's nothing special, but just thought I'd upload it here in case anyone wants to use it. @Boojakascha @Mikebloke final draft.tif
  5. When will the HOKEY be available? When will the HOKEY be available? When will the HOKEY be available? 😂😂😂
  6. @batari Would you able to have a rough guess at when the HOKEY might be available? Thanks
  7. Just got this list from reddit, and it looks like the NES is most similar...
  8. Have a multicard for the Magnavox Odyssey from @Boojakascha and @Mikebloke and got a handle for it from Laserbear. Took measurements and with the new handle, it's about 11cm x 9cm, and about 1.5 cm thick. I'm looking for a hard case or possibly a shock box to store it, ideally with a little bit of extra space, so I can line the case with antistatic plastic to protect the PCB Does anyone have any ideas on what the most similar cartridge would be in terms of size? (NES, SNES, Megadrive...?) Or if repurposing one of those wouldn't work, does anyone make custom cases that would fit it? Thanks!
  9. Morning all, I’m very close to getting my original Magnavox Odyssey console back to life – I’ve Frankenstein’d together a working power solution from an Atari 2600 after-market power adapter, with a travel adapter and a 3.5mm-to-2.5mm tip adapter. I also got a multicard from @Boojakascha and @Mikebloke (thanks guys ), and got a handle for it from Laserbear The only remaining problem is the video cable. I mentioned previously in this post that original Odyssey RF cables are rarely listed for standalone eBay sales, and looking for other Odyssey pong consoles (100, 200 etc) with Magnavox’s weird proprietary RF connector hasn’t brought me any luck either. So I think the most practical solution would be to solder a new video cable to the back of the console’s main board, and that this cable will probably need to be at least 7 feet long. Question 1 (RF or composite?): In this video (around the 54min20sec mark) That Tim Guy from YouTube, soldered video and ground directly to the console's motherboard but it's not clear (to me anyway) exactly what cable he's using - in the most recent comment at the top of his comments section, he refers to the cable as carrying a composite video signal. And I guess in theory it's possible that the console could maybe generate composite video on the board, and the original external RF box turned it back to RF? But I'm a little bit confused by this as 1) I had always assumed a stock 1972 Odyssey only outputted RF, 2) I thought you could need something like @Boojakascha's mod board to output composite, and 3) later in the video, he appears to de-modulate the signal through a VCR to get to the CRT, which seems to suggest that the console itself is outputting RF. It's not going to make a huge difference to my setup - the Odyssey doesn't output sound, so either way, I'm going to be running a single cable with either an RCA or a coax connector. I have a well-shielded 7 foot RF video coaxial cable from Blue Jeans Cables (Belden 1505A) that I'm not using at the moment - does anyone know if this would be a good cable to use? If so, I could remove one of the connectors, and solder it to the two points on the board, as per the video. Question 2 (Safety) The video from That Tim Guy is quite long, but the relevant part where he displays the cable solution is only from 52m50s to 54m40s I don't know very much about soldering, and this would be the first mod I've tried myself, but I'm a little bit apprehensive because it seems like this should be more complicated than what's presented in the video (which shows that it's as simple as soldering two wires). It seems to me that there should usually be a little more to it than this. If he is pulling the video signal in this way and the youtube video isn't skipping over anything, does anyone have any opinion on whether wiring it directly in this way is creating a circuit that is safe, and not going to damage the console?
  10. @[email protected] Thanks very much; gonna go with the 7 foot cable - that should give me enough slack to work with!
  11. Have spent a long time waiting for an original Magnavox Odyssey video cable to come up for sale, or looking for other Magnavox consoles with the same weird proprietary AV connector with no luck. So I think the most practical solution is probably to solder an RF cable to the back of the board (seems like there's only two points to be soldered - ground plane and video signal) and connect it up to a composite demodulator/VCR. Wouldn't have been my first choice as I'd like to keep the console in stock condition, but I'm sure it'll be fine. Does anyone happen to know what the length of the original video cable was? Just want to make sure I leave enough slack when it goes into my setup, as the controller cables are quite short. Many thanks @Boojakascha @Mikebloke @Odysseus
  12. Apologies if this has already been asked recently, but does anyone know when people who already got the Concerto cart will be able to purchase a HOKEY chip? Thanks! edit: I’d forgotten I’ve already asked this a few weeks ago, apologies. #brainfart
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