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  1. The top left and top right buttons share a pin (#14), and the bottom left and bottom right buttons share a pin (#13). Many games use the two buttons for different functions. This looks like a cool project. Atari 5200 FAQ -- 5200 Controller Pinout (atarihq.com)
  2. Yes, use the arms that are connected - the controller works by varying the resistance between the two wires attached to each pot. You can use the resistance measurement on your multimeter by selecting the Ohm setting that looks like a horseshoe. Measure the resistance between the tabs connected to the red and black wires. The top pot should read about 250K ohms when it's arm is pointed left. The bottom pot should read 250K ohms when it's arm is pointing down.
  3. You can measure the resistance with a multimeter to get an idea of how bad they are. They should range from close to 0 ohm to 500Kohm, with about 250Kohm when the arm is in its centered position.
  4. I ended up taking a different direction and converted the TI keyboard to USB to use with the Mister so it looks totally stock. I decided to do it this way because creating a keyboard that fits the TI seems like a lot of work, and I would use a large wireless keyboard for any serious keyboarding anyway. The TI keyboard is fine for basic Mister stuff.
  5. This looks great, lots of polish on the objects and effects. There is a twitter dev thread here: https://twitter.com/minsoftgames/status/1479564281809195012
  6. Protector has a good demo mode that cycles between high scores, game play and instructions. Are there other games with a good demo mode?
  7. I have some experience with bad controller pots and the AtariMax menu, but I've never worked on the console itself.
  8. The pots in the controllers may be dirty, but that shouldn't cause the AtariMax menu to be totally unresponsive. Do you have the service manual? ATARI CX5200 Service Manual, revision Jun 83 (atarimania.com)
  9. You can check to make sure your controllers are good with a multimeter - check the resistance between pins 9 and 10 and 9 and 11 of your controllers. You should see between 0 ohm and 500k ohm resistance as you move the joystick around its limits. You should have ~250 Kohm with the stick in the middle. Atari 5200 FAQ -- 5200 Controller Pinout (atarihq.com) It is totally normal and expected for the AtariMax cart to beep if you are using a controller that is too far out of spec.
  10. Thank you for this. I haven't run your code yet, but one difference I see is that you are pulling a row low and scanning for low columns, while I am pushing a row high and scanning for high columns. I have seen code samples that pull a row low, and code the pushes a row high. Is there an advantage of one over the other? Also, are those current-limiting resistors between the Arduino pins and the TI keyboard harness? Are you using any pullup resistors or relying on the internal pullup on the Arduino?
  11. Thank you for this. The Phantom Keys section illustrates the problem perfectly. The problem I'm seeing in my code is that typing "the" too quickly often inserts a "k", such as "thke". The keys must be momentarily pressed down at the same time. Maybe I need to adjust the scanning rate.
  12. Hi, I have a TI keyboard but not a working computer. I'm writing a keyboard scanning routine using an Arduino so I can use the keyboard in another project. When I press and hold (for example) T, H and E, I will also get a K due to the way my scanning routine handles the keyboard matrix. Does this happen with a real TI-99 computer?
  13. Are you using it with an old tube TV or a flatscreen?
  14. I'm very interested in this project. I'm thinking of using a TI99/4a as a Mister/Raspberry Pi case and would need to convert/create a USB keyboard for it. I wouldn't be going for a stock look and may want to rearrange some keys.
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