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  1. In case you are interested, you can get a much cleaner signal with a UAV board to output S-Video and a RetroTink Mini for S-Video to HDMI.
  2. This looks interesting, do you have a link about it? My Googles of Solar Systems Jupiter are coming up with a lot of planets and off-grid solutions, but not this device.
  3. I don't have a schematic, but maybe this will help. Atari 5200 FAQ -- 5200 Controller Pinout (atarihq.com) The controllers work by putting resistance between pin 9 (Pot common which is around +5v plus or minus a volt) and pin 10 for horizontal and pin 11 for vertical. The range of resistance is from about 100 ohms to 500K ohms, with 250K being about the middle of the axis. You will want to replace some of your fixed resistance with a potentiometer, which has variable resistance. If the middle of the axis is 250k fixed resistance, you could change it to 200k fixed, plus a 100k pot. The 100k pot will be 50k in the middle. This would make your controller midpoint adjustable between 200k and 300k. You may want a pot with more than 100k resistance - if you can't find one you can also add capacitance to the circuit to reduce the amount of resistance you need. This is due to the way the Atari measures the resistance: Homemade Atari 5200 Analog Controller – Dr. Scott M. Baker (smbaker.com) If you have a AtariMax cart you can download Pete's Test Cart, which will show you the output of the joystick as a dot on the screen which makes it easier to test the circuit.
  4. I'd stick with the 5200 because I have a connection with it from childhood and like the look better.
  5. It turned out to be some superficial glue plugging the hole, no screw. I guess a previous owner tried to glue a threadless knob back on The glue didn't join very well to the actuator which made the removal easy once I knew what I was dealing with.
  6. Thank you. 👍 I was able to remove the old glue plugging my the actuator stem and screw in my reset button.
  7. This is really an excellent game and deeper than it appeared at first. I was hooked when Sinistar appeared.
  8. The picture looks fine to me. Is there something in particular you don't like? These are old analog machines, the displays have a little personality.
  9. I did order a replacement, it just doesn't fit. The replacement button has a post in the middle that doesn't fit the white plastic post on my Vectrex. I edited the original post to show my replacement button.
  10. My Vectrex is missing the reset button. It has a white plastic post where I assumed a nice button attached. I ordered a new button, but it does not fit on the post, it looks like the post is supposed to have a hollow center. Pressing the post resets the Vectrex, so the actual switch seems fine. Do I have a stock part, how is it supposed to look?
  11. There is the Vectrex IOS app that does all this except take physical carts.
  12. I've been messing around with this idea and am using a Teensy 4.1. It is Arduino compatible and has a built in usb host. Teensy 4.1 (pjrc.com)
  13. I put a very simple circuit together shorting pin 9 to 10 and 9 to 11 through 250K resistors. This puts the dot in Pete's Test Cartridge right about in the middle as expected. But the dot jumps around a bit, maybe in an area 5x the size of the dot. Is this amount of noise in the position normal or does it indicate a failing component? Is it possible to get a more stable reading?
  14. The way I understand the trackball workings is that the speed you roll it produces a variable resistance on the joystick wires. My question is how long of a period the movement is sampled. For example, if the ball is moved quickly for 1/200th of a second and then stopped, does the resistance remain high (or low) longer to make sure the game has enough time to sample it?
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