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  1. below is a link to a YouTube video I posted about the Intellivision 10/10 Event and the Amico in general. https://youtu.be/QNo1vKPDBVo
  2. I would love to see where some of the other retro remakes are at in their development. We know Asteroids and Snafu exist in some form, curious how they are looking and which others have been started. I am also curious how Tommy and his team decide which classic games to remake and who is going to develop the game.
  3. I thought Tommy and his team did an overall nice job and seeing all the people involved really humanized the project. I was happy to see games like Astrosmash, Missile Command and Moon Patrol to continue to be polished and refined and I am confident that by the Spring launch they will be near perfectly tweaked and real showcases of retro re-imagined. I like the look of Finnegan Fox, a nice balance between kid friendly and cool with a hint of creepy and look forward to seeing more. I am curious to see what the final UI will look like, the current version definitely works but given how much we have seen the games evolve I am curious what stage the UI is at.
  4. I agree, I think the Limited release of FE and VIP in FALL 2020 editions is perfect, you get the system into the hands of the fans, make them happy and they start to generate a buzz for the system and launch it in the spring when they have enough units to fully stock retail.and it doesn't have to be a full launch for the pre-orders, just get out the systems with their 6 pack in games and have another 8 to 12 in the store to buy and work out any kinks in the store and then they can release the rest of the initial batch of games when the system has its retail launch and hopefuly by then there will be even more games ready to launch with the system.
  5. I second that, every self respecting console needs a good futuristic racer at some point.
  6. confirmation of a date preferably within 2020. See some of the games that have been listed but without details i.e Lock N Chase and some of the Imagic remakes. Also would love to see a preview of the UI and perhaps a sneak peak at the online store.
  7. man you move fast brother! but seriously that type of game has a place on the Amico, because you can create an entire spectrum of difficulty from super easy for beginners to insanely hardcore
  8. It's a great game I picked it up on Xbox and it's one of the best R-type style games I have ever played. It deserves to sell way more than 3000 copies, but sadly the shmup market is brutal which really depresses me.
  9. I am still shocked but how little effort there was to cultivate original software, not a single exclusive is pathetic. In many ways, it suffers the same issue the Ouya did, whithout meaningful exclusives or sense of identity what is the point of a system?
  10. Thanks Relicgamer, I am pretty sure it will be my most expensive and stylish paperweight lol
  11. The only thing it has it and its joystick look pretty cool. That's it and I pre-ordered one because when it was first announced I hoped it was a true retro revival system, thankfully Amico has filled that void but the VCS is a missed opportunity, Too expensive and powerful for a retro system and too under-powered for a gaming pc. Not a great place to exist on the spectrum.
  12. after listening to the Pete's chat tonight, if it all possible a launch in 2020 is desirable. Obviously if it's not ready, it's not ready. But even if we only had 35,000 units you could fill the founders, the vip, and get it into a lot of Mom and family vlogger hands and start creating a buzz without spending much on marketing and then go big in the spring when they have their production going and cost are more favorable.
  13. Thats great News, Snafoo is timeless and should be very simple to present in a modern way.
  14. In the same spirit as Tommy's either or List, here's the same thing but all the games are ones that have been referenced as possible future Amico games but with little to no information available. Beauty and the Beast OR Miner 2049 Demon Attack OR Cosmic Ark Dracula OR Dragonfire Burgertime OR Lock N Chase Microsurgeon OR Tron Deadly Disc Lode Runner OR Adventure my list would be Beauty and the beast Demon Attack Dracula Lock N Chase Tron(or if rights cant be acquired "somebody's...) Deadly Disc also of the games listed above which do you think are the MOST and LEAST likely to ever appear on the Amico?
  15. my list goes like this Night Stalker barely trumps Cloudy Mountain Armour Battle edges Biplanes Bowling but cornhole looks fun Bomb squad auto racing last one, I love both .Missile Command is very stressful and Breakout is sort of relaxing. it could go either way depending on my needs and wants
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