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  1. I remember my Aunt buying me five such games from Boscovs back in the day when I first bought the system about a year before the NES was available in the US. At the time I thought she must be rich, until I saw the price tag. I don’t remember now but it was either 99 cents, 1.99, 2.99....something like that.
  2. Thanks - just ordered two of them. Getting back into the 5200 after being out of the game for many years. Pleasantly surprised to find so many homebrew games, Atari 800 conversions and all kinds of great joystick solutions (I have two Wicos w/ Y adaptors). I have the old Sean Kelly multicart w/ the little switches. Still works just fine but it seems there are tons more games now, including a version my fave 2600 title Warlords. Hells bells!
  3. I clicked an eBay link from earlier in the thread but it doesn’t seem to work. Where can I buy this terrific product?
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