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    Digging out the Atari 130xe, 1050, PBI hard drive setup. Looking to get an AVG cart

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  1. I have a Mr. Robot made cable but I have to say the build quality of either of these cables are very nice. Tmp, you might be tired from making all those but you should be proud too! The whole setup is just fantastic!
  2. Oh that looks awesome! If this does get commited into the firmware, I'll need a schematic to figure out what needs to be wired up and find someone who can print out a clear SIO plug.
  3. I appreciate the welcome and yes, I checked out some of the videos on Fujinet as well. I suppose it might be able to allow the 130xe to connect to remote TELNET BBSes but I got the impression it was more like a over-the-internet car/xex/atr/cas loader. I'll research that more once I learn all I can when/if using the AVG card.
  4. Hello Everyone, New to the forum and this thread. I'm working on getting my 130xe running again and instead of trying to get the real PBI hard-drive interface working (has a Seagate ST-225 MFM drive), I started researching newer options. From what I can tell via watching 10 of hrs various YouTube videos (great ones from FlashJazzCat, "The Modern Atari 8bit computer", "8-bit and more", etc, reading all 43 pages of this thread, etc... the AVG cart is the best way to go for those not quite ready to mod their motherboards with option boards. I've already PM'ed TMP to see if he has any cards AVG left (fingers crossed) and I was lucky enough to get the last AVG to SIO cable from Mr Robot! Now I need to make some orders to Best Electronics to get a replacement keyboard, maybe give his improved 130xe keyboard a try, replace my dead power supply, etc. I might even try getting one of the new ESP32/Internet adapters to try connecting to some Atari BBSes. I used to run a Carina BBS on this system back in the early 80s. I wonder if I should try again! We'll see. 🙂 --David
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