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  1. Ok, thanks for that confirmation but is there a way to identify the two different boards or is the PCB versions unmarked on the silkscreen?
  2. Ok.. how do I identify which board revision I have? On the bottom of my board, I see "65XE(63X2) C103579-001 REVISED".
  3. Hello Santoshp, Can we get a post that's pinned to the front of this thread highlighting the known errata to different versions of the board?
  4. I bought mine from tmp directly some time ago and while it took a little while to get, the cartridge is just amazing when paired with the SIO cable. It loads everything I can throw at it on my 130XE.
  5. This directly imported into Digikey w/o any work? Did you add any other parts into your BOM since the Santosp BOM wasn't 100% complete?
  6. Ok, we have a number and thank you! While this is higher than I expected, I'm invested in the project. Would you be willing to share your Digikey BOM to other Digikey users? This can be done under your profile using their "BOM Manager" interface. My ID is [email protected] Thanks!
  7. Ok.. this is exactly was I was thinking of. Thank you! While I'm not new to electronics, soldering, etc., sourcing parts to create my own kit is as well as building out / repairing Ataris. Any thoughts on why Mouser vs. say Digikey? Looking at the file, it seems the examples needs to be more completely filled out so an order could be done from maybe Mouser, Digikey, whatever? Maybe others can contribute to this BOM to get it 100% completed? A few more questions about the BOM if I may: - For the "circular DIN connector", I don't understand your note of "Caution you must use only this special pcb layout connector here" - For the 41464 RAM, I thought this PCB was all new to avoiding the high counts of little chips. If so, why not buy from Mouser/Digikey/etc? I assume this part is NOT needed for the 512K option (what I'm going for) - For the GAL part, I assume you mean a programmed part from Ebay. Can you give me a good search phrase here so I can find the right part? Any recommended sellers? - You have listed five parts that are "already" on the board. Does this mean you're already soldering some surface mount or thru-hole parts to the "bare" PCB when you ship? - For the 204 sized thin metal resistor, you mention "caution about the body size". Not sure what this means nor why can't the BOM just standardize on one size for all say be it this 204 or the 207 sized parts listed in the beginning? - Maybe it would be good to add the Best part numbers for the various Atari VLSI chips too? ( I have bought from Best before though) - What is the benefit of the RAM battery backup? This isn't an RTC. Would this be that if you power off your 130xe and then turn it back on, it's EXACTLY where it left off? Also, since ordering passive components come in minimum quantities, might there be an option here just to buy a kit from you? I totally get that the answer would be a NO here since it's a lot more work for you to create kit bags but I don't know what other people would do with all the leftover unused parts. Anyway.. thanks again for this project! Should be a fun project for many of us!
  8. Hmmm.. I swear I've read that the 130XE also had the "disconnected chroma" signal to the connector issue but you probably know far better than I. As to the "component donor" board, I get it. I only have one working 130XE (my original one from years ago) so I wouldn't want to part that out. Since I find all this fun, maybe I can find some dead 130xes on eBay to fill the need. Maybe people here on the list have some better recommendations and even might be willing to sell some of their dead old stock so I can start my own dead old stock. :-) --David
  9. Hello Santosp, Curious, does your MB route the missing chroma line to the display connector? This would be useful for users wanting to use the S-video connection. Anyway, I do hope you do run another batch of motherboards as I'd love to get one as well. It was also requested above but is there a Digikey or other BOM pre-created to buy all the needed RAM, passives, connectors, sockets, etc? That's the route I would take and I guess the only other question is other than needing the custom silicon chips, is there anything else missing that would need to be scrounged up from an old board? --David
  10. I'm still waiting for my Fuji to show up but I'd like to highlight one thing I haven't seen anyone mention on this thread: 802.11b/g compatibility. Unless the Fujinet requires B/G support, turn it OFF on your home wifi AP and only enable 802.11N support. Your network will perform significantly better for it. It's also been mentioned a few times but for 2.4Ghz users, install a Wifi spectrum app on your phone such as Wifi Analyzer for Android by Kevin Yuan. This can help you possibly find a better free frequency than where your AP is today. While it's generally understood that 1, 6, and 11 are the three free frequencies, sometimes you'll get better performance using a split frequency like channel 3, or 8. --David
  11. Will it be possible to rework older Fujinet boards to be compatible with v1.3 boards or is it a whole new design?
  12. I have a Mr. Robot made cable but I have to say the build quality of either of these cables are very nice. Tmp, you might be tired from making all those but you should be proud too! The whole setup is just fantastic!
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