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  1. Thank you for the files let see what we can do with it, again you made a wonderfull emulatorand i understand you can not control every operating system offcourse i will try it on a PI later. Yes 1.83 or 1.84 is only linux or pi
  2. Hello, So is the version 1.83 just only for Linux and Pi or should it also be for windows. Because you emulators realy nice I can try it with Visualstudio is that it you let me regards
  3. Hello All, Can someone explane what i do wrong because the explanation on website is very simple but sofar no luck i want te test the latest version to see if my if it solve my problems. But simpel type in make is not work for me Using windows 10 download and install GnuWin32 to get make available for me but just type in make, or make -f makefile both gave same error
  4. Hello, I like the Emulator for many reasons but i want to use it with a Atari 1050 true FTDI but it work but with error all the time I use Atari++ V1.81 Windows Have Windows 10 Pro 20H2 64Bit A FTDI to USB who work correctly without any errors with Kafar Atari 1050 Diskdrive When i start to boot from disk i get this then click dismiss and get this Dismiss again few times Dismiss again and get this Then i sellect H from menu of my floppy disk and get this And dismiss again Dismiss again and get this So some how it work but with error who i can't explane what i do wrong, when i turn on my happycard in drive i only get errors and never the disk menu greetings Ed
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