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  1. Thank you very much for the reply carlsson! Your reply got me to googling a few things about the 6522 VIA chips and I found several references to similar keyboard issues with the VIA chip when a Sega Genesis controller is plugged in. While I was not using a Genesis controller, I was using a Hyperkin Ranger - a modern controller designed for the Atari 2600. Sure enough, when I plugged in my Suncom Slik Stik my keyboard issues were gone! I don't know how the Hyperkin Ranger controller is different from other atari 2600 controllers but apparently it is. Lesson learned - don't use a Hyperkin Ranger on a Vic!
  2. As an update, I got my Seagull 78 adapter a little while back now and it works perfectly. Awesome recommendation! Thanks! Definitely curious that the arcade power stick works on the Vadar and presumably most other 2800's but not the Junior. That's helpful to know for the future and for recommendations formy other retro gamer friends
  3. Hi everyone! Just got my first commodore VIC 20 today! Nice clean looking unit. I'm already enjoying it, but I was surprised to find that a few keys are not working. I took off the keys and I can't get them to work even when I manually press the 'posts' that the keys interact with. Very clean, so that's not the issue. My next step would be to take apart the computer to see if the contacts on the board need cleaning, but then I noticed a pattern: The keys that don't work go every other key on the top row, with the exception of the left arrow key. Even numbers along with '-' and clr/home (mostly sure on the clr/home. Truth told I don't know what it's supposed to do exactly, but it's not doing anything atm) Does anybody with a little more experience than me have any ideas what might cause every other key on the top row to go dead? Thanks for the help!!
  4. Awesome, thank you so much alex_79! Just bought the Seagull 78. It's perfect because I'm new to the Atari but I've been playing the Genesis since the 90's and have a bunch of other controllers I can plug and play with that thing. I'm definitely saving your reply post for future reference. I may try a soldering solution at a future date and this will definitely be helpful when I do. Great suggestions! I really appreciate it
  5. Hello everyone! I just got a sweet Sega Arcade Powersticick to use on my 2600 Junior. The thing feels great but the B button only works for a few minutes when I power on the Atari and then I it stops working. It will start working when I power cycle but the same story happens again after a few minutes. Possibly related is that the led for the A button is continuously lit up. So far I have taken it apart to cleaned the contacts and button pads with no luck. I also plugged it into my Sega to test it on some Golden Axe and it worked perfectly there - no B button issue, no A button light issue. Is this normal? If so, can it be fixed to work on my atari 2600 junior? Preferably without soldering since I don't have a soldering iron and I have never soldered anything in my life 😛 I would also welcome suggestions for affordable arcade stick type controllers that I can just plug in. Preferably ones designed for the genesis, but I am open to suggestions. Any help would be much appreciated!
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