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  1. Yes it works in both, PAL and NTSC systems. Ah, I forgot to say that uSD is not included in the price. I can include it by 4€ more.
  2. Hi everyone! I still having components and boards to assembly more uSD carts if you are interested. The price still being 45€ + shipping.
  3. Hi! Do you have any kind of technical information about "the voice"? I mean things like schematics or descriptions (at least the cartridge schematics).
  4. It could be a problem in a CMOS CPU, because it uses strong "1's". In this case if you force 0V while the data line is at 0V the power will be dreaned in the data pin generating a high current with possible damages in the data pin of the processor. The 6507 Atari's procesor uses NMOS technology. NMOS technology has strong 0's but weak 1's, then it is not dangerous to force a data pin to zero.
  5. Mmmmm, very interesting, seems to be easy to do. 😀 Thanks very much.
  6. But how do you prevent the console from hanging until you copy these 128 bytes into RAM?
  7. Thank you very much for your explanation. Then seems the best solution is to add a little EROM chip to the circuit to take the control until the cartridge tranfer the program to the RAM chip. Another posibility is to send bytes to the bus from the CPLD without any kind of ROM in the cart. The main issue is the sincronization when the change to the RAM is made.
  8. Hi! I'm trying to design my own sd cartridge for the Atari 2600 console, but to read the rom from the sd card take some time, and while it is happening console is running random values in the memory, and when the memory is ready console is already hung. Anybody knows how is possible to generate a reset in the console from the cartridge? thanks in advance
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