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  1. I've been collecting for 4 years now and have only seen it once. I'd definitely consider it a 7. Yellowdragon
  2. You don't happen to have any other wireless devices near it, do you? Cordless phones, cellphones, pagers, etc... That would be the first thing I'd look for. Yellowdragon
  3. Wow, guess no one here wants this... oh well, guess after I move I'll just put it on Epay... Yellowdragon
  4. Of course it ends... when you lose all of your ships! Yellowdragon
  5. Sounds like a nice batch of stuff you got. The O2 reminds me of way back when, a friend of mine had one and had the delusional belief that it was a better system than the Atari! As far as collecting goes, I'd rather for someone to start collecting rather than to clean out the town to sell the stuff on Ebay... Yellowdragon
  6. That's certainly a good way of looking at it... I don't have deep pockets so I really shop around a lot before I purchase anything. Naturally I just keep hoping I get lucky as I cruise the thrifts and swap meets and occasionally I do. Crazy Climber for $2 not too long ago. Someone wrote a date on one side in paint marker but I really can't complain given the price! Yellowdragon
  7. Their prices are pretty high for everything but the most common games. Yellowdragon
  8. Man this game is hard, I got a whopping 575 points before I got killed, they run across you like 3 times before you can kill 'em! Yellowdragon
  9. Well, I've been playing some Atari games on the Dreamcast and the colors and screen size are perfect. There's no sound on it though. The games play at pretty good speed though some of them slow down from time to time. Otherwise, it's great to be able to play them on another console, just have to get used to the Dreamcast controller. Had to use Windows to burn the CD but it's worth it! Yellowdragon
  10. The only bug in Warlords I've ever noticed is that the ball will suddenly appear inside a castle and destroy it from the inside out, or simply remove a brick or two from the center of the wall. If I remember right, to do this, simply hold the ball on your shield and flick the paddle back and forth really fast. Yellowdragon
  11. I have a Starpath Supercharger I'd like to trade. It's in good condition and unmodified other than for additional audio cable added. You can view my Atari collection at http://members.tripod.com/~mjman/atari.html Looking to trade for some games that I don't have. Yellowdragon
  12. I tried doing this once on a 4 switch Atari and while everything seemed to work ok, some games like Super Breakout had invisible side barriers. All I could see was the wall and the paddle and the ball. Of course all I did was route the wires from the proper spots so maybe the other methods work better. Will have to try this again. Yellowdragon
  13. I'm glad I moved from Geocities long ago, they must now have some kind of bandwidth restriction. Couldn't view the site. Yellowdragon
  14. Your comic was very funny, I almost fell out of the chair! Keep up the good work! Yellowdragon
  15. Combat of course, Outlaw, Space Invaders, Casino, Blackjack, Home Run, Slot Machine. Yellowdragon
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