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  1. Why the Jaggy most popular now ? For me only one answer : because the Jaguar has been Rebooted !!!
  2. Or you can solder some wires and drill two holes on the back of the Jaguar for putting the two RCA connectors.
  3. Network for battlesphere : too fun seeing starfield with friends !!!
  4. When is see where this thread is going, one thing come to my mind a good game with a nice price can be sold more than i was thinking. That's really Atari rules !! Hope Xenon 2 Jaguar got the same way !!!
  5. Spin it with the hands and become a professionnal DJ, you can scratch like David guetta !! Earn a lof of money !! Atari power !!
  6. Only Dr Clu make it possible !! Speedrun on Bubsy !!! Before i was thinking it was impossible !! Now i know it's possible, because Dr Clu is in the place !!!
  7. Thanks SH3 anotherworld -at- jagware -dot- org is an email adress directly redirected to SebRmv (Who made the portage) and the RGC team. You can write in english, that's not a problem be sure This email adress has been created because the RGC team has changed several times of email adress and when we tried to contact them, you got an non delivery error. That's why this email adress exist even if the RGC team change their email adress, Seb got a copy of the email so nobody will be forgot.
  8. CF is exactly what to avoid for doing a good 3d game on Jaguar.
  9. Or you can send a email to the link in my signature another world email adress send your email to SebRmv (Who made the portage) and to the RGC too.
  10. Another JagCD sorry...... GT P.S. : this is a joke
  11. One point for you !!! Yes in seeing Atari documentation, it's easy to understood that it's an atari machine, you're right
  12. Another JagCD, another Jagcd issue.... The Atari ST got 30 years (This year O_o) without problems, jagcd got problems all years !!! I'm always asking if JagCD is really an Atari machine ?
  13. Easy, just avoid green plots in the radar..........
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