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  1. There's a link to google drive in the first comment in this video where you can find what you want. https://youtu.be/nVpGYbuq-aw It doesn't work because most of the time the update server doesn't work at all. I have TOM+ rev.2 and it does work with any cotrollers except those from Microsoft.
  2. Don't you think guys it's not fair to group with someone who have ordered Sophia2 much earlier than you? In example, if I made my order two posts after Ricky, why should I wait longer than people who grouped with others later than me?
  3. It's my first post here so hello to everyone! Too bad that I haven't seen this topic before I bought my s-video cable from Lotharek. Now I know that I'm not the only one who has such issues. I've tested my cable with my Atari 65XE (PAL) and my Benq FP241W lcd monitor and I have these ugly bars too I wrote to Lotharek and he said to me "there's nothing strange there, the picture is OK and you have a sh**ty lcd monitor". Then I borrow the home made cable from my friend and there were no issues with the picture. I'm not against the Lotharek, I've bought Ultimate and SIO2SD from him and the quality of these products is great but I'm a little disappointed about this "HQ cable". BTW the colors (except white/black/grey) are also strange with this cable if you compare them with ex. Robbo game). I really don't know if this cable is really shielded or not, I haven't disassembled it yet.
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