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  1. .... no, all games of the era weren't all equally awful, and it has nothing to do with graphics. Adventure, Haunted House, Raider of the Lost Ark, even E.T. were better adventure games than Fireworld, which was buggy (several challenges forced you to lose a life immediately, sometimes you'd start a challenge and immediately get kicked out as if you'd lost, enemy movement was so choppy that some challenges were barely playable, etc) and unfinished (the contest clues, literally the entire reason for the game to exist, were never actually put into the game, only placeholders 00 through 09).
  2. I wonder if they changed it because it would have made the now-1000-point Vitamin seem really high-valued in comparison to the early fruits, but that's only random speculation. The kill screen happens in the arcade because there's a bug in the fruit-drawing routine that only occurs on stage 0, not due to reaching any particular score. The home versions are all coded from scratch rather than just using the arcade code, so they don't have this particular bug. (Even the bootleg Pac-Man arcade game that runs on Galaxian hardware doesn't have this bug, because it uses a completely different fruit-drawing routine)
  3. That's true, but I'm pretty sure Infogrames/Atari currently holds the rights to the console artwork. The arcade artwork is ... probably owned by Warner Bros again (though I'm not really sure they realize it).
  4. The comics were fine (and I wish they'd finished and released the fourth comic, even if they didn't finish the game), but the games themselves were awful.
  5. ... this is the first time I've seen Clown Downtown. It really is a depressing mockery of a game. There's bright animated backgrounds with lots of moving sprites, most of which are stolen from Activision games anyway. I recognize the scorpions from Pitfall, the birds from Frostbite and Barnstorming (same sprite in both games), the cows from Stampede, and trees from Sky Jinks (this is probably not a full list), and some sprites that are not-quite-direct rips, like the yellow planes that look like half-sized versions of the plane from Barnstorming and the balloons that look like vertically-squished versions of the balloons from Sky Jinks. Plus I'm sure I've seen the whale and the sailboat sprites before, but I can't quite place them. But that's all irrelevent to gameplay, Instead, all the "action" happens in the bottom third of the screen, and that action is just a slow-moving clown with a jerky jump leaping over ... British policemen, I think? There's no other enemies. All the while creepy off-key music with no discernible melody (I swear, it just sounds like random notes) is playing, and it gets higher-pitched when you're close to running out of time. It's like the nightmare version of Bobby Is Going Home (which is already kinda creepy, thanks to its off-key music and weird sprites).
  6. I'm sure I've said this before on these forums, but at the time of its release, I really enjoyed E.T., and didn't learn that it was supposed to be a bad game until much, much later. Even as a kid, I loved most of the Atari "Adventure Territory" games (Superman, Haunted House, Adventure, Raiders), and E.T. was no exception*. I read the manual, which explains exactly how to get out of the wells, so I never had the problems with them that everyone else seems to have. * The exceptions were the Swordquest games. I think they're all worse than E.T., and Fireworld is the worst of them all.
  7. I bought it new for $15 back in the day. It was not a popular title. And I found it frustrating at times (weapons seemed to have a very high miss rate, dragging battles out and increasing the damage you take, which was a problem given the lack of healing and high enemy encounter rate). Fortunately, there was a magic rope that could stop enemies from attacking for a few turns. I still played it to the end, though, and I liked it well enough at the time. It's too bad the high frustration rate is what sticks with me the most all these years later. Edit: Oh, crap, I didn't notice that this topic was from 2003! My bad.
  8. The Top 100 list on Lemon has Archon, but not Archon II: Adept. (Avoid Archon III: Exciter; it's a terrible homebrew rather than an official sequel. Not saying that homebrews are terrible, mind you, just that Archon III is)
  9. Why would anyone ruin one of those ties by wearing it with a suit? (Though, actually, that Asteroids tie is subtle enough that it could probably be worn "seriously")
  10. Pretty sure the first one I ever owned was Coleco's Electronic Quarterback, though I had the Sears version, Electronic Touchdown. (Still like it better than Mattel's Football)
  11. Raiu


    Wait, how do you die on the top ladder? Just press up rather than trying to punch a baby and you clear the stage.
  12. The fourth stage looks more similar to Jr. Pac-Man, since it's several screens wide, but it also adds four additional ghosts (who look like the arcade's monsters). I wonder what the fifth stage and beyond look like.
  13. The problem I have with this is that in Rampage, the game, the monsters are the protagonists. They're humans transformed into a monstrous form by radioactively-tainted products that were supposed to be harmless, and they're taking it out on everything they see. Here they're just... monsters. Enlarged animals whose only purpose is to be shot and killed by the Heroic Humans Who Certainly Didn't Do Anything Wrong Yay Humans. It entirely misses the point of the game. (And it certainly misses all of the 1950s B-Movie humor of the game) They turned what was supposed to be a humorous perspective-flip into a generic giant monster movie. Maybe it'll be an all right Generic Giant Monster Movie, but it won't be Rampage.
  14. I thought Fire Fighter's graphics were pretty good and it controlled well. But that's where the positives end. I've always been disappointed in this game, because I've always felt it would be a great game if there was just a little more to it. I'm not exactly sure what that "little more" should be, though. The little fireman is animated so well and has that nifty little "sproing" noise when he jumps and I just wish you could do more with him than just run back and forth under the windows and to the truck. Maybe a second screen showing the inside of the building, turning it into an exploration game where you have to put out fires as you go, climbing up and down stairs and searching for the person you need to rescue. That might have been more complicated than the 2600 could handle, though.
  15. I think a big clue is in the links at the bottom of the page... specifically, the Dev link, which opens my e-mail client with a new e-mail to [email protected], and a subject line of - and this is the interesting part - "I’m a developer and want to know more about your platform". So it's not an old-game service of any kind, it's a new platform that can be developed for. I'm tempted to send a resume to the Jobs link, too, but I don't know what I'd be blindly applying for.
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