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  1. I always enjoyed reading Nukey's posts. This is awful news. RIP Kurt (and Curt)
  2. Belated, but I'm still mad that I missed buying this. I somehow didn't see that it was a limited time release, so I was waiting for my birthday to buy it for myself, and the next thing I see is "Game's gone! Hope you got it before we removed it! If you didn't, screw you! We'd rather sit on this game than sell it!" I tried contacting Nintendo to ask when it'd be available for sale again, but I was ignored. And then Nintendo gets mad when people pirate their games. "Don't pirate the games we refuse to sell you!"
  3. They said they weren't able to get the rights to the original Columbia recordings, so they had to re-record everything from scratch for the 1999 CD. Unfortunately, they seemed to ham it up a lot more on the re-recording, and the musicians weren't as good — listen to the simplified guitar solo in Ode to a Centipede, for example — so it's just not as much fun to listen to. The lack of Mousetrap sound effects (they couldn't find a working cabinet, MAME wasn't emulating Mousetrap's sounds properly yet, and they didn't want or think to record any of the console ports, so they just recorded the sounds of actual dogs, cats, and pigeons) just makes it worse. I think it would have been less painful to have no sound effects on Mousetrap than to have random pigeon noises. I still love the original album unironically. I have multiple copies of the MP3s so I don't lose them. (I have no copies of the 1999 re-recordings)
  4. I'm a little late to this topic, but I remember being a huge fan of Dan Gutman's Video Games Player (later Computer Games) magazine. My cousin had an issue and I talked Mom into getting me a subscription. I also read a few issues of Computer Games and Electronic Games at friends' house, but never got them myself. (I also had a subscription to Atari Age, of course. That magazine was a little biased for some reason) When I was a little older, I got into Electronic Gaming Monthly (starting at issue 9), though I never subscribed, just bought them on the newsstand. I enjoyed going to look for them. I also bought the first issue of GamePro, and a couple of issues of DieHard GameFan (starting with the Super Street Fighter II issue) (Sadly, most of these got destroyed in the awful mess that was my room for much of my teenage years and early 20s. I don't have any of them anymore) ... I think I may read that DigitalPress page for a while now.
  5. I have to add this hack for E.T., introducing a ton of QOL changes: http://www.neocomputer.org/projects/et/ I've always loved the original game (and didn't even learn it was supposed to be the "worst game ever" until later, which surprised me, since I've played much worse games), but this hack improves it in every way, including adding the "Scientist but no FBI Agent" game variation I'd wished for as a kid.
  6. The dragons are facing left, and the sword is pointing right, because you're a warrior, not a backstabbing thief. Anyway, I tried to redesign it a few years ago, making it look like this:
  7. Are you playing the original game or the "fixed" version? Try touching a well with E.T. head and see whether you fall in. (If you don't, it's the fixed version)
  8. My emulator identified it as Pac-Man 8k, too. Even continued a previous game of it I had going. I don't think it's on cart, for fairly obvious reasons.
  9. I got this last night...
  10. Unfortunately, I think I like the RC2 map screen music even less than the original, which is a little more jarring because the rest of the music in the game is so great, and I like the 2600 rendition of the arcade map music much better. ... and I only mention that because I have nothing else to mention. This is fantastic. I haven't enjoyed playing an Atari 2600 game like this in a long time.
  11. Other than the faux-cartridge, how is a modern 3-D game "Atari inspired"?
  12. This is really, really good. I have a few comments and criticisms, though. First, I think I found a bug: It's possible to walk through top walls by pressing up against it (and firing?). If the wall is against the top of the screen, then you get stuck in the wall and slide to the right (slamming into any enemies in the way), otherwise, you just pass right through and get stuck outside the level. Possible bug: the timer bonus at the end of each stage is wrong (instead of multiplying the points you got in the round by the number on the timer, it just adds 100 points per bonus left). The game doesn't award you any points if you shoot a monster before you pick up the treasure in the room. I know that's how it worked in the original Atari 2600 version, but that's not how it works in the Colecovision or arcade versions, where you always get points for shooting monsters. Scoring is very low in general. I played an entire game, clearing 13 rooms (i.e., the first three levels and then the Goblin Room the second time around), and only got 5900 points total. Meanwhile, I got over 11000 points in the arcade version from just the first four chambers normally, and 7500 from turning on cheats and just picking up the four treasures and shooting nothing. I really do like that the treasures change even when returning to the same chamber the second time around. I only saw the lyre in the Goblin Room and the pennant in the Skeleton Room, but I'm 99% sure the arcade version doesn't do that and 100% sure the Colecovision version doesn't do that. Edit: The arcade version *does* do that, I see. I never noticed before! One final criticism: I really, really, don't like the map screen music. I know the 2600 doesn't have great sound hardware and can't play certain notes, but it's much more off-key than the rest of the game's music, especially the final note. Is that still being worked on? (Suggestion: the arcade game has different map screen music, maybe that would work better?) Overall, though, this is amazing. Absolutely amazing.
  13. Theory: it was originally "Star Trek 2" despite being based on the third movie because it's the second Star Trek game (after the Arcade Game). But "In Search Of Spock" seems like a joke (considering that Nimoy was the host of "In Search Of...").
  14. .... no, all games of the era weren't all equally awful, and it has nothing to do with graphics. Adventure, Haunted House, Raider of the Lost Ark, even E.T. were better adventure games than Fireworld, which was buggy (several challenges forced you to lose a life immediately, sometimes you'd start a challenge and immediately get kicked out as if you'd lost, enemy movement was so choppy that some challenges were barely playable, etc) and unfinished (the contest clues, literally the entire reason for the game to exist, were never actually put into the game, only placeholders 00 through 09).
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