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  1. Oh look, another one... i'm in reality saying that this poll is moronic and flamebait! you can't determine who made the best games since, for the most part, nobody played those japanese games outside of japan back in the day. Cappish? And few european or north american games made it in Japan. Now in 2020 you can use emulators and give it a go, if you feel like it, but it won't invalidate what I've been saying. The best games are those that you ACTUALLY enjoyed playing back then, and on the home computer in North America and Europe, they were from North America and Europe.
  2. Nothing you say here refutes my point. The computer gaming scene in america and europe was a usa/europe thing. None of those system you mentionned made it out of japan in any significant number. So when someone ask who made the best games, well it's hard to say it's the the one who made the games nobody played! Also when talking about the best games, which kind? The japanese lacks many genre that were popular here on home computers back in the days, like wargames, strategy, simulations... Sorry if I step on your nihongo dream of japanese domination of the gaming world.
  3. I bought a gateway pb6-350 pentium 2 pc to build myself a dos/win98se system. I already have an XP system that I use to transfer stuff to my classic system and for gaming.
  4. Give it a rest. Released doesn't mean it sold enough to even be significant, hence why i said "made it". Compared to the big 4 in North America, nobody bought it. The home computer market, software wise, was an european/north america thing. The japanese had the console market starting with the nes up to the xbox when north american and european studio made a comeback. Today it's a mix bag depending on the genre.
  5. The msx didn't make it to North America either and it was subpar to what we had here.
  6. I was a computer gamer first and foremost, so Japan wasn't even on my radar until 2010 when I started collecting for the nes/snes/genesis. The vast majority of my games came from europe or the USA.
  7. Funny enough, I havn't bought anything this week... I just can't seem to find anything interesting or at a realistic price on ebay.
  8. I'll drop in once I get my tipi up and running.
  9. Eh, for that price you ger fast and free shipping!
  10. I'm with you with this. I was an Amiga fan and I still own two A500, but I don't really collect or even use them. Frankly, I prefer the 8bit more.
  11. This, combine with the fact that the $ value is totally dependent on the interest of the market at a specific point in time. Like comics, sport cards or stamps, only the historically significant or the really hard to find items have any real value, the rest is just filler when it comes to a collection value. And if people lose interest then the value plummet even faster.
  12. Would be nice if there was a flightstick available. Playing flight sim with a joypad is a no go for me.
  13. To code well in basic is to master zen. It isn't the time that matters but the journey. 🙂
  14. Beside a one in a hundred year ice storm, I don't have a need for house wide solutions. The last ice storm in '98 was followed by massive investment in infrastructure to minimize those impact. Nonetheless I do have a Ups on my workstation and Bell Canada installed a battery backup on my ftth fiber link when they installed it so that the phone line would still work. Here ice is the killer, not winds or rain.
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