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  1. Bleemshell is already available for 2 years (I only recently discovered it... 🙂) The emulation is not 'spot on', but interesting to play with! Check it out here: https://www.obscuregamers.com/threads/bleemshell-new-gdemu-menu-for-playing-psx-games-on-dc.970/
  2. Try to use an adapter with the right voltage (5 Volt 1 Amp) Btw, I've also had some similar issues with my Retron77. Hyperkin has never really been able to explain what the problem was. In the meantime, I did receive a working console from the shop I ordered from.
  3. If you can ship to the eu... I am very interested in those d-pads for the pro controller! 🙂
  4. If anyone is interested: I also made two snes to cd-i controllers (with an arduino uno). But since I only need one, I can sell one of them. 🤓 It comes with a retrobit snes controller in box (because the gray color scheme fits the philips cd-i). ... some extra detailed photo's: (important is that I am not a professional in soldering, just a hobbyist) I live in Belgium, so shipping is especially interesting if you live in Europe (no import costs).
  5. Thank you for the reply 😉 Unfortunately, I tried all of that. Different usb hub, usb cable, hdmi cable, different tv port, ... none of these did the job. In the meantime they have already sent me a new R77. And this one does it perfectly!
  6. ... because hyperkin can't help me, I turn to the community! 🙂 This console seems to have a life of its own. As if he chooses when he wants to work or not. First of all: the included SD card was damaged. Both the R77 and my computer were unable to read it. So I put another SD card (with the Hyperkin firmware) in the console and that seemed to work. Yes! A day later I ran into another problem: the console just won't start. Switching on and off ten times seemed to work for a while. But after that it really didn't work anymore ... example After some research on this forum I came up with a 'community build' Stella 6 firmware. I flashed this firmware on the SD card. And wow! SO MUCH BETTER 😀 !!! and the Retron 77 did it again. But then I ran into the same problem again: the Retron 77 stopped working a day later ... but after re-preparing the SD card with Stella 6, it worked again. And then a day later ... again the same problem. I've already tried several things: all older firmwares (including the Hyperkin firmware). Every time the Retron stopped working a day later. So weird! It doesn't make any sense ?!!! I also don't find any of these bugs on the internet. I would also like to unscrew the console to view the circuit board, but I'm afraid I will lose my warranty. Does anyone ran into the same issue?
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