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  1. Hello, all! I'm currently seeking the following to add to my Jaguar library: Missile Command 3D Zero 5 (Songbird Release) While CIB is ideal, I'm still open to loose copies with or without the manual, as long as they're in good shape. Missile Command 3D is at a higher priority at the moment. I understand that asking for Zero 5 might be a long shot, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. I do have a few Jaguar games I'd like to trade if they equal the value for any of the three, or if it's a game you're looking for; but I'm also open to buying at a reasonable or negotiable price. If anyone's interested in trading, here's what I have for the Jag. I can send pictures of their condition, if requested via PM. I-War (CIB) - Right Side of Spine is damaged, but the rest of the box is fine. Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (CIB) - In NOS box with very minor to no damage! Power Drive Rally (Cartridge Only) Thank you for your time and consideration! EDIT: Removed Ultra Vortek. I missed an eBay listing of MC3D this morning, so I'm still open to any offers if interested.
  2. Hello, all! I'm looking towards getting better picture quality from my retro console collection. I've used both CRT and flat-screen HDTVs for my consoles, but I want to fully transition to HDTV for future-proofing and simplicity. I've been looking at the Retrotink upscaler line to convert the video signals to HDMI. The problem is that I have a variety of cable types for each system in my collection, and it's affecting my decision on whether I go completely with RGB Scart (via the 2X SCART) or get the 2X Pro to use the cables I already have. For reference this is what I currently use: Genesis: Composite Jaguar: S-Video Saturn: S-Video Dreamcast: S-Video PS2: Component Xbox: Composite Wii: Composite The 2X Pro would a better choice for me economically, but I'm unsure if it would help me get the best quality out of my systems, specifically the Jaguar. I'd be stuck with S-Video and I've heard so much acclaim towards its RGB SCART output. With the Genesis and Saturn, there's at least HD Retrovision's cables. The only other issue with converting to RGB SCART for me is the cost of getting the cables and finding an alternative for the Wii. SCART is out of the question for that system, my console is NTSC. I'm not worried about it for the Xbox and Dreamcast, I'm looking at HDMI solutions for them (BeharBros' Akura and Chimeric Systems' HDMI Adapter). What do you guys suggest? I hope I'm not overthinking it 😅
  3. Thanks for your help guys! I checked the manual and you were right, I had to pause and hit the A button. I'll keep the command in mind for other games if the situation arises.
  4. Hello, all! I just recently got an Atari Jaguar and I'm happy to be a part of the community! I was hoping you guys could possibly help me with an issue. I ordered a few games since the tail end of June, and one I really looked forward to having was Zool 2. I just got it today, but when I tested it out there was no music playing at all. Sound effects played in levels, however. I thought I could fix it in Options, but there was no way to toggle the audio. I think it's a problem with the cart because my other games (Cybermorph, DOOM) worked fine, audio and all. I had a cartridge issue with my Jaguar before, as I was getting the Red Screen with my copy of Iron Soldier, and it finally worked after I cleaned the contacts and lifted the cartridge up slightly. But even after giving the contacts a light cleaning with some rubbing alcohol, my copy of Zool 2 still has the same problem. Did anyone else ever experience this with a Jag game?
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