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  1. I know. This will take quite some time to hunt down and find......and also a lot of luck!!!
  2. I am trying to hunt down the following games for the intellivision: Message me here or at [email protected] if you have any for sale. Thanks! FRENCH-CANADIAN TITLE Advanced D & D [Box Upgrade] B-17 Bomber / Le Bombardier Boxing [Maroon Manual Upgrade] Las Vegas Roulette / La Roulette Space Spartans / Les Spartiates Super Cobra Turbo FRENCH-CANADIAN WITH SLEEVE ABPA Backgammon / Le Backgammom Auto Racing / La Course Automobile Electric Company: Math Fun / Jouons Las Vegas Roulette / La Roulette Major League Baseball / Le Baseball NASL Soccer / Le Soccer de la NASL NHL Hockey / Le Hockey NHL PGA Golf Space Battle / Combat de L'Espace CBS - ENGLISH WRITTEN Carnival WHITE-LABEL-DOUBLE LABEL Armor Battle Basketball Football Math Fun Mission X Poker Royal Dealer Sharp Shot Skiing Soccer Triple Action Vectron INTV INC. TITLES - WHITE LABELS Backgammon Super Series Baseball Locomotion 125 GAME TITLE Buzz Bombers [Gatefold] Congo Bongo [Manual & Box] Learning Fun I [Manual & Box] Learning Fun II Melody Blaster (Gatefold Version) Spiker Volleyball [Box] Stadium Mud Buggies FOR COLOR TV VIEWING Electric Company - Math Fun Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack NBA Basketball (Cartridge Upgrade)
  3. Well I see there is tracking available already....so .....so much for that idea
  4. I asked for a refund and sent the seller a photo of the proper book....guess I have to wait and see for the reply.
  5. Well it appears I am still in need of the proper comic. I have 4 copies of MOTU, a sealed one from the 125 set, an open one from the 125 set (now for sale)....also with the wrong comic which i was not aware of until tonight, the 3rd white label inc. one without a comic (which is what i was hoping this purchase to fit)...also by the way if anyone has a white label inc. cartridge without the origin and date let me know, and i have a 4th game from digiplay.....which as far as I know has no comic book originally with it. Buyer beware I guess...also don't compare it to the wrong comic in your collection as well!!! So that open 125 game is for sale with wrong comic, but i still need one proper comic if there is any out there.
  6. Cool, if it is possible to get #26 that would be awesome, if not, all good. How do we go about making a payment ? etc.
  7. I am not sure if I said I wanted one or not, but I do....I can't remember, there has been so many home brews...I need to make a list these days!!!
  8. Please put me down for a pre-order for this as well, thanks!
  9. I for sure would like to get a flashcard. The special edition sounds awesome as well , price depending, but seeing as I don't have any right now...I would like to make sure I get one!!!
  10. A question in regards to this topic....sort of. Did the cartridges come with no insert lines with the original boxes as well ? or just the FCTVO ones ? Also, I have seen no insert lines on USA carts and just recently a Hong Kong Space Battle. I thought they were only USA that had these. Are there two versions of no insert lines for each game as well ???
  11. I am interested in this as well. Count me in for one!
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