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  1. I wish i had one to test them on. I did buy them on Ebay from someone that said they were cleaned and refurbished, but you never know.
  2. I played around with thise settings. I can't get the dejitter to completely go away, but it reduces if I set dejitter averaging to 10 and reaction to 8. I also left sensitivity at 100 as I found changing it up or down dosen't affect the actual jittering.
  3. I tried option 1 • use the advanced settings and then Options/Input/Emul. Events and there press Defaults and it worked. I tested the Atari paddles and the Gemini paddles. They both worked although there is a bit of jittering going on, but I don't know if that's a Retron 77 issue or not, and I don't know how I could determine that. Thanks!
  4. I can tell you, that my paddles didn't work on 6.2.1, but did work on 6.1.1 (with some jitter) if that helps. I tried with Atari paddles as well as Gemini paddles. The issues are the same with both sets of paddles. When playing super breakout for example, the button fires, but the dial is not working, So the ball fires but you can't move the bar to bounce it. I hope that helps.
  5. I have a pair of Atari OEM ones, and I have a pair of Gemini. They both act the same way.
  6. I upgraded my Retron 77 to Stella 6.2.1. I am having the same issue with the paddles. I have the paddles plugged into the Left Port of the Retron. I have a joystick in the right to access the game settings. I don't have any ROMS, only carts. When I play Super Breakout for example, the paddles do not work. The button works, but the dial does not. The game settings do auto detect the paddles in the left port, and the joystick in the right port. Is this a known issue that is being debugged? For what it's worth, the paddles work (with some jitter) under Stella 6.1.1
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