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  1. Love how things are picking up! Launch can't come soon enough for me!
  2. Every video i've seen from people who have actually played the Amico just underscores to me exactly what I expected - this console is meant to be played with your family and friends just like back in the day. Yes you can play games on your own, but the real fun is getting together as a group and playing a game. Be that a board game or whatever. Families and friends together! I remember as a kid playing on my original Intellivision II console and we'd have a group of friends over and have our own tournaments. This is what the Amico is reminding me of, great times spent together and having FUN. So looking forward to introducing this console to my family, the kids will love beating up on dear old mom and dad. Way better than having them in their rooms doing their own thing most of the day.
  3. Starting watching it. These guys seem super chill and guys I'd like to hang out and have a beer with. Already see haters in the comments of the video too. Goes with the territory. People who have never touched the system rip on it "if I want mobile games I have a phone already". *sigh* seems like there's an agenda out there for the haters to go around and rip any positive Amico video. I can't wait until this thing hits the market and is a huge success, will look great on all those idiots who have constantly bashed it.
  4. I must have mentioned it earlier in the thread Tommy but I had a dream I was at some sort of event and the Amico was there as well as you! Hopefully this is foreshadowing for me and you have an event near Toronto, Canada. Would love to try this out!
  5. It's a good idea if it means I get my console this October. [emoji6]
  6. To be fair I dislike Pat&Ians videos without ever watching them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Congrats Tommy! I had no doubt it would be a huge success once people got this thing in their hands. Fun is fun. You don't need the prettiest graphics of the fastest processor. If a game is fun to play for all, it comes across as such.
  8. You've hit the nail on the head buddy. I harken back to my days as a kid playing the original Intellivision and just being able to pick up a game and understand how to play in a few minutes. I never became a hard-core gamer, and when I try to play some of the current games on Xbox (which I own for the kids) my head hurts. Games are way too involved and complicated, i'm not one to invest an entire day to figuring out a game, I want something that is easy to pickup and play and that's what the Amico will offer. Even my wife, who never ever games at all will be able to play with me and the kids once we get our system. Will be great for parties and casual gamers. This is what most of the negative people are missing. (I say most because some of them are just true haters who are dumping on Intellivision Amico out of spite and anger or some vendetta against Tommy)
  9. I'm still not understanding how multiplayer skiing will work though. Like wouldn't 1 player potentially be far ahead and cause another player to go off screen? I'm interested to see how they've done that aspect of the game.
  10. Kudos to him for driving a long way to actually TRY something before having an ultimate opinion and constantly ripping it. Other video game "commentators" who live within driving distance of Intellivision headquarters and who had an open invitation to stop by and try the console didn't even bother but continue to make negative videos of the console without ever having tried it. If you're going to be negative about something you should at least have hands on experience with it first.
  11. Literally can't wait. Here's a question. Once you get your Amico what is the first game you'll play? For me it'll be skiing. Loved the original intellivison skiing and can't wait to try the new one.
  12. Still loving that cartoon artstyle of Finnegan Fox. I can see myself playing with my 9 year old for hours. Hope the pre-orders go out in October!
  13. I know he's a cousin of Steven Victor Tallarico, better known as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.
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