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  1. Colecovision Ghost&Zombies is a very much shortened version. There´s no scrolling and it has just few screens. Several years ago Dvik made a fantastic smooth scrolling Ghost´n´Goblins first stage demo for MSX. I think the sprites were far bigger than on C64 conversion. It was discussed at least in Karoshi forum. I am afraiding that those demos are not downloadable anymore, maybe you should contact Dvik and ask for that demo. In the same discussion somebody converted Nes G´n´G music to MSX. Yes, it sounded good, but as you know, it was not The Music you are wanting to hear, it doesn´t sound anything like C64 tune was, naturally. Decades ago it was not a nice moment to hear that Amiga conversion doesn´t have same music as C64 G´n´G, but arcade game tune (which Nes conversion has too), which really isn´t anywhere as moody as C64 tune.
  2. Smoothly scrolling 3D maze Pac-Man clone would be nice.
  3. So 2048K cartridge will be $40-$45 and that included shipping to Europe. Not bad price I think. I did some search for 2048k on TI department here at atariage, I didn´t see list of included software there. Could you please give me a link where I can see all the stuff what is included into 2048K cartridge? And where I can buy one? Of course I will have to play with NanoPEB first and then decide if I want to buy that 2048K cartridge, but of course it would be nice to see 2048K games list. If all the 2048K cartridges will get sold, will there be a next batch or will somebody build them one by one if anyone asks for them?
  4. Ok, no problem. But if one cop is on the same row as bagman and there is also a wheelbarrow on the same row, there will be five sprites on the same row. In my wish there still will be no more than five sprites on the same row in the same situation. I didn´t ask to "mask" the wheelbarrow with other sprite, the grey sprite´s (handles and wheel only) Y-coordinate would be few pixels bigger than the bottom of the red sprite (top part only, where money bags are loaded), so they never will be on the same row. I hope I said this more clearly now. But sure, my wish will eat more memory than single sprite wheelbarrow. Here´s a simple crude two sprite wheelbarrow picture to explain this better. R=Red sprite, G=Grey sprite RRRRRRR RRRR <---bottom pixel row of Red sprite GGGGG G <---top pixel row of Grey sprite GGGG G G G
  5. Does 2048K cartridge´s name reflect on it´s price too? Like being $2048K....! Even without the "K" it starts to be out of reach for me.....! But it could be handy to have and play. I must say this was the first time I heard about those 512K and 2048K multicarts for TI-99/4A.
  6. Ok, thank you, now I start to know a bit more. I have Extended Basic cartridge already. I thought so that many cartridges have been put to disk already. Hopefully they are easy to find from the web. At the moment I don´t think of buying XB2.7, I saw it at arcadeshopper though. I never thought buying NanoPEB either. But, I didn´t know I cannot run a homebrew game without it. Maybe I will put my money to original cartridges instead, someday.
  7. Thank you again. I have now ordered Sabre Wulf too. I saw there just Sabre Wulf, 3-in-1 and Flappy Bird. During years, I have probably read about new coming 99/4A homebrews, but I don´t remember much about them I don´t even know if they were released or not. As you mentioned about putting older cartridge and disk programs into a single cartridge, did you meant 1980s cartridge/disk games too? I have now several original cartridges, but of course there are lots of cartridges I don´t own yet. And I am not sure how many of them I still want to buy. I mean money is not growing in trees. As I soon will have the NanoPEB, with a little practise I should be able to put images of cartridges and disks to NanoPEBs memory, right? I hope it´s not too hard thing to do, I am not a computer guru. Of course that´s not as much fun as actually to see and touch real cartridges and to see my child selecting favourite ones and inserting them into TI-99/4A. But at least it will be cheaper this way. And now I should be able to play some disk only games, if I can find them from the web. Few years ago i found out there are educational Disney games for TI-99/4A and they looked wonderful! I have a bunch of TI´s own educational cartridges and my child just loves them. Also, did you mean, that I can run 512K or 2048K games cartridge using my soon coming NanoPEB?
  8. Thank you again! I have ordered nanopeb from stargames. When it arrives, is this little gadget now enough to run any homebrew game, or was there any which still doesn´t run on my 99/4A unless I buy some even more costing gadget? I will have to refresh my memory, what were the other sites where I could buy TI-99/4A homebrew games? (not counting web auctions) Are there any unsold ones other than Sabre Wulf and that 3-in-1 which includes Scramble? I think there wasn´t too many Sabre Wulfs left. Thank you in advance for helping Texas Instruments TI-99/4A lover!
  9. Too bad again. Yes, that PEB would be even more expensive as heavy also means heavy shipping costs to pay. What´s that nanoPEB/CF7? Do I have to solder it into my machine or does it just simply plug to existing sideport? I hope it´s a very small gadget which allows cheap shipping.
  10. Bagitman was my favourite game on Commodore 64. I hope there will be an MSX conversion later... I know this is a minor thing, but I would like to know, that does the memory allow you to use two sprites for the wheelbarrow? I mean red sprite for the top part and the bottom part handles and wheel could be grey sprite. That wouldn´t increase sprite flicker at all and the wheelbarrow would then have two colours instead one. Just asking.
  11. Thank you! I thought to ask, as earlier today I checked arcadeshopper site and their Scramble 3-in-1 cartridge page said 3-in-1 cartridge needs 32K, and even that was not mentioned in Sabre Wulf, unless I missed it, I thought it would be wiser to ask here first before buying. Too bad, I don´t have any expansions. Except joystick adaptor and Speech Synthesizer of course. I was wondering though, that Sabre Wulf file must have been packed very heavily if it was really fitting in 16K. I haven´t looked for 32K memory expansions, as I thought it is really needed just for disk drive expansion box. How much is 32K memory expansion´s average US ebay price? I just thought that I don´t even know for sure, if it´s external expansion which can be easily inserted to same port as Speech Synthesizer or if it needs a big and very expensive expansion box to be bought first? I will have to suppose, that coming Alex Kidd cartridge won´t work on a standard machine either? Does Scramble also need 32K? I mean if it´s put on the cartridge without the two other games?
  12. Just to make sure first, does this game work on a standard TI-99/4A without memory expansion or any other expansion? Just in case I have missed something from this topic.... Is it available only from arcadeshopper? Shipping costs would surely be cheaper if I could buy it from Europe. And one more question, was this game´s programming fully finished now, or will there be some more finished cartridge version in the future? I am sorry, I don´t have time to crawl through the whole topic once again anymore, so I will have to ask.
  13. Thank you for the feedback. I did it using Paint, not the best for TI graphics. What graphics tools you are using to draw TI graphics shown here? It would be nice to have some windows tool which shows grid to see where each of 8 pixels start and end.
  14. Thank you a lot! I will try to attach it now. There aren´t too much changes, as I didn´t want to make too radical changes to your good picture! I wanted to give that paper a bit more old map feel, by making the edges of paper darker/burnt. And I also made the volcano look a tiny bit more realistic, now you can see crater´s inside wall and the lava is a bit more lively now. I added a bit more "light" to the volcano´s slope, so it looks like the sun is shining from that way. If we will use that "sunshine look" then that "top" slope definitely needs some more white pixels and changing the places of some black pixels to get a more realistic look, but I didn´t have too much time and like I said I didn´t want to change your picture too much. Plus there is a little more extra colour here and there, like more sunshine look in the tree tops. I wanted to make that dark blue area wider or at least few pixel rows taller in the bottom pixel rows of the river, lakes and island, but for that, the rivers were too narrow and the bottom edge of the paper is too close, so it would look too full. I haven´t counted all the pixels, and might have counted some of them wrongly, so some of the pixels can be in the wrong place. TI can make very pretty pictures! This starts to look too much like console game! A bad thing? Edit: Ok, you can see the picture now! But as the picture is so small, you will definitely need to save this picture to your computer and magnify it to see the changes.
  15. Why this image pasting doesn´t work? I can paste the image in this message field, but it always gives that mentioned error message while uploading my message.
  16. I tried that pasting picture into message field already before I asked help, but it always gave this error message: "An error occurred You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." I had used that very same .png picture with the very same .png extension. I also tried to save that picture in other compression formats, like jpg, bmp, etc. Always the same error message. I tried it again now, and it still gives me that error message.
  17. There are couple of exceptions from that rule, the phoenix and ghost like flying creature. They don´t shoot projectiles, but the first one makes a big fireball around itself and the ghost makes a big blue force field looking thing. On Commodore 64 those were easily made using magnified sprite, I think Atari did the same. Please kindly ask a permission for the possible later MSX conversion too! *hint*
  18. I didn´t see any problem with the original volcano´s size, but your new smaller volcano surely looks better, even more as now there are trees on it´s left side! It looks really good now! I made a bit more colourful version of your map picture to test how few things would look like and I thought to share it here, but since yesterday image-share doesn´t like that picture, as uploading it doesn´t work. Could you please recommend me trustworthy uploading site, which doesn´t send tracking programs or anything else not wanted to my computer? Thank you.
  19. TheMole, as you said it now, when I look carefully, I can see dark yellow pixels. Sure they will be better visible on television, but I think some red hue will look better, at least in my opinion. For the trees, as in your picture the background is light green, I thought it´s ok to use the same light green for the tree highlights. Also yellow can be considered as a highlights colour for tree leaves, but I don´t know if it suits for your picture or not. Trees are allright already, but I just thought as those small huts had the red roofs, tree leaves looked a little pale in contrast. Yes, I did understand that highlighting trees even a bit can look "too much", but I wanted to mention my idea. Sometimes99er´s second volcano looks very good. But theMole´s original volcano is good too, maybe a bit blocky when one can now compare it to the more realistic volcano, but I do understand that you didn´t have real volcano in your mind when you designed your Inca steps volcano. Yes, Incas came to my mind also. And that´s not a bad thing.
  20. That X10 was in my mind, when I wrote my joke. For that second feature, igniting your own house, I just thought that old stuff might not be able to handle modern electrics stuff well. I never knew about X10, until I read it from the web few years ago. I do remember reading enthusiastic news and columns what could be done with computers, like commanding all your home electronics with your own computer etc, but mostly columns just said later that those things never happened. The nearest things were to read about fellows who made their computer to control some devices, like some photographer made his Sinclair ZX-81 able to take good bird photos. Now I know such things what were mentioned in columns actually existed. But not here. It was very nice to read now that somebody still uses X10 at home! Since from which year you have used it? Please tell me more! Maybe it would need it´s own topic.
  21. I like very much how the TI map looks and even more I like how you gave this game a new look by making a totally new looking map! This map screen is fine enough, but if you want, there are few places which could benefit from some little extra colour. The tree tops could have one or two light green horizontal lines in each tree, just to mimic sunrays making the tree tops having a lighter colour. I know some pixels can "spill" to neighbouring trees, but that might just give them even better natural look. The left and right edges of yellow paper could have similar red pixels what original map had. And that paper´s top and bottom pixel rows (1-2 rows) could simply have red line. This would make the paper look like an old paper map. This was just an idea, I like your map screen the way it is right now. Just wanted to mention these, as little nice touches will make a better game.
  22. This was one of the reasons why 80s game conversions had a different look on each machine. Many times each conversion had unique look.
  23. 2-in-1: To turn on and off the lights in your house. And then automatically ignite your house.
  24. Wonderful! I just hope you won´t get any problems with ©. How about A.K. IN TI99 WORLD ? Ok, not the best name, but something like that could be cool. Next game in the series could be "A.K in 99 LOST STARS".
  25. I know how you feel. Just when you think it cannot get any better on the TI, the guy comes out and tops himself yet again. And the pace in which he does these programs it truly mind shattering, he's on track to average what, about three new programs per year? I bow to Rasmus, one of the TI Gods! But then he´s doing the same Naked!
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