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  1. Sorry to resurrect a very old thread, but could anyone share the cassette tape with the line-by-line assembler for the Mini Memory? I'm using Classic99. Many thanks. Sorry - Found one. Thanks
  2. I should probably start this comment by saying that I'm a Spectrum fan and run the spectrumcomputing.co.uk website. I did however recently purchase a TI99/4A which I very much like. My old boss had a TI99, and had always known about the machine (having been a young teenager during the 8 bit boom), but I was reminded about it after the release of Parsec for the Spectrum: https://spectrumcomputing.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2960 Anyway, back to the subject. These sorts of useless polls are always a problem, and we had a similar discussion here: https://spectrumcomputing.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=3321 We all have our favourites. I recall the battles at school! Over lock-down (and as I have grown older) I have really enjoyed experiencing other 8bit systems, either through real hardware of emulation. We all have our top system (which is great), but I enjoy and appreciate others too.
  3. Thank you @dgrissom I will give that a go over the weekend. Am I right in remembering the the graphics chip is like the one in the MSX and has the issue with knowing that a collision has taken place, but not with what? I'm just starting to read a rather cracking game from Compute: https://archive.org/details/tibook_ti994a-sound-and-graphics
  4. Hi, I use both real hardware and an emulator. The best way is to set the machine type to the 128K model then you just type the commands as you do with the TI. Fuse is the best emulator. http://fuse-emulator.sourceforge.net/
  5. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. This works now. Many Spectrum BASIC games use a string of User Defined Graphics to simulate movement. That information about the 28 columns when using Print is really useful. The layout of the screen (in terms of 8x8 characters and one background and one foreground colour via BASIC is very similar to the Spectrum) 5 call clear 10 let a$="+ " (total 28 characters) 20 for a=28 to 1 step -1 30 let start$=SEG$(A$,a,28-a) 40 let end$=SEG$(A$,1,a-1) 50 display AT(0,0):start$;end$ 60 next a
  6. I'm quite new to the TI, and just trying to convert some really simple Sinclair BASIC to get me used to TI BASIC. This simple program moves a '+' character along the screen, and is the basis for quite a few BASIC magazine listings. 10 dim a$(32) 20 let a$(1)="+" 30 for a =32 to 1 step -1 40 print at 20,0;a$(A TO)+ a$(TO A-1) 50 NEXT A For those not used to Sinclair BASIC A TO will display from position A in the string to the end, and To A-1 will display from the start to position A-1 The issue is that String functions in Sinclair BASIC go from start position to end position, and TI BASIC uses start position and number of characters. Having spent the afternoon trying, this is as far as I have got in extended BASIC. Any help, very much appreciated. 5 call clear 10 let a$="+ " (NOTE: 40 characters in total) 20 for a=40 to 1 step -1 30 let start$=SEG$(A$,a,40-a) 40 let end$=SEG$(A$,1,a-1) 50 display AT(0,0):start$;end$ 60 next a
  7. Hello, In Spectrum BASIC the Print Command can have the word 'At' added so for example: Print At 10,10;A$ Would print at line 10, column 10 the contents of A$ I have looked through the TI BASIC manual for locate or anything similar and can't find an alternative? Is there anything? I'm happy to use extended BASIC if needed. Thanks Update - I knew as soon as I posted I would find the answer! Display seems to do what I want. Cheers
  8. Thanks for all the comments. I'm happy to start this on a new topic if preferred for these linked questions. I downloaded CS1 and looked at the PDF instructions. The format seems to be 'FIAD'? Is there an archive of cassette games in this format that I can browse? Secondly, I downloaded GameBaseTI and all the files are .dsk. Looking at the GitHub page for TiPi I'm guessing they are no good for it? Cheers EDIT: found files on http://tigameshelf.net/xb.htm
  9. Yes, I have a DivMMC. The FinalGROM only supports ROM Cartridges, yes?
  10. Thanks @arcadeshopper I can't see the TiPi for sale on your shop. Do you have a link? Cheers EDIT: Just seen it here: https://www.arcadeshopper.com/wp/store/#!/TIPI-SIDECAR-Raspberry-PI-interface-board-*44pin-interface-port-required*/p/103690282/category=28815024 For a novice - Could you explain what else I would need to purchase?
  11. I recently picked up a TI99 on eBay with extended BASIC and a speech synthesizer. My main interest has always been the ZX Spectrum (The machine I grew up with), but have always been intrigued by the TI. With the Spectrum I'm used to having a multitude of cheap devices available to load emulator tape files via an SD card into a read Spectrum. Having looked around, I can't see anything similar for the TI99. I understand to emulate a disk drive I would need the expansion box to get started. Is there even software which would convert 'image' files of cassettes to a wav file so I can load that way? I have heard about Tape994a as a possible solution but the download link seems to be broken. http://www.99er.net/emutil.html Sadly many of the sites I have found seem to have been abandoned (apart from http://www.ti99iuc.it/). Is there a list of sites which are still regularly updated? Finally, is there anything available for the TI which allows me to type a BASIC program in notepad then convert to a tap file. Something similar to this: https://derekbolli.wordpress.com/2012/11/16/create-zx-spectrum-basic-program-tap-file-from-text-source-file-in-bbedit-using-zmakebas/ Many thanks in advance. Peter
  12. Thanks @HOME AUTOMATION That is perfect. My childhood computer was a ZX Spectrum, and I run spectrumcomputing.co.uk and the forums at spectrumcomputing.co.uk/forums and we have what is basically a web version of this for the Spectrum, but I'm interested in other platforms too (and my boss at a place I worked at once used to have a TI as well. I think he ran a BBS on it), so this is excellent. Who knows, I may do something web based for the TI99 if I ever get time and there is any interest.
  13. Many thanks for the quick replies. That will get me started. Does anyone maintain a list of type-ins from magazines for example Enthusiast99 or Compute (again with screens if possible?) I will going to type in some listings, but wondered what had already been preserved. Best wishes
  14. Hi, I'm new to the TI99/4A and wondered if there was a website similar to http://www.atarimania.com/ which showed playing screens for know games. I've done quite a bit of searching before asking this question and couldn't find anything. Thanks. Peter
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