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  1. Thanks +Shawn is correct, I might not stick around too long after. Though I am going in the attic today to pull out my Amiga1200 and commodore64. Might add them here too if relevant so thanks for the tip. I should have a SNES up there as well, but I need a few weeks with that one before I think about selling it 😁
  2. I have already put this item on eBay but thought I'd share it here in case the item was any significance to an enthusiast. I'll be truthful, I don't much about Atari provenance, I stuck it on starting at 10p. Serial: 860204457 I'm selling it as spares as I can't test the visual output and don't have a controller to test. When plugged in and switched on the red power light does come on (as pictured). Bundle includes the console, original power adaptor and games. Games included: Atlantis Wizard of Wor Space Monster Fishing Derby Donkey Kong Ms PAC Man Dodge Em There is no controller included. It would be interesting to know if there is anything that is significant here, either way, here is the eBay link for anyone interested.
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