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  1. Purchased! All the stuff I keep adding to the Club order is making this club a fantastic deal. Thanks again for BOTH Pengy and the Club! (And bonus thanks for helping me out with the voucher)
  2. No discount here either, PM sent with my info. I am looking forward to purchasing - thanks! Edit: Upon further investigating I see the voucher in my account (accessed through the Vouchers button on the account page), it is just not activating oddly enough
  3. Ordered! All the goodies really made this a purchase I am looking forward to. The poster, manual, and overlays all look great. Threw in some more for some stickers. Thanks - looking forward to breaking out the roller controller again - and hope it still works!
  4. Thanks everyone at Cote Gamers for working through the postal issues! Great customer service and were kind and helpful. Thanks to them Fantasy Puzzle is joining some of my favorites games on the Intellivision (and Colecovision)! I can't wait to play it tonight after work and I cannot express how happy I am with them 🙏
  5. Méga Côtéridge (or Côtéridge Méga if that makes more sense grammatically)
  6. It is nice to see! Hopefully that means other stragglers (mine) will be resolved soon too! Seeing your copy gives me a feeling of second hand victory 😁
  7. Sent! Thank you for looking in to it
  8. Any update for those of us whose package tracked back to France? I sent a message through the website's Contact Us form, picked my order from it, and left a message on March 4th and have not heard a response back yet. Thank you Edit: I have two orders affected by this as they appear to share the same tracking number. One order contained Fantasy Puzzle (placed on Oct 22nd), the other Sir Abadol and Uwol (placed on Nov 6th).
  9. Received my copy! It helps that the package didn't have to travel far. The storage case was clever and everything is very satisfying. I was impressed it even fits in the colecovision box protectors (even if it is not needed for this type of case it is nice to have them uniform on a shelf). The artwork is great in person. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks again for making new cartridges AND boxes and overlays available! Ordered the cart earlier and just picked up the box kit. You guys didn’t need to, but you did, and big thanks to that and all involved.
  11. This thread here has a new production of power supplies (link to the ebay seller is in the replies a few down) as an option. I can't vouch for effectiveness but the comments look good.
  12. You can put me down as a +1 for preordering a boxed copy. Thanks
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