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  1. Now I just need to locate an Atari light gun and maybe a manual for the Atari xegs and I’m good
  2. My friend ended up selling me his for 10 dollars!!
  3. Well in the past he’s sold me two uncommon 7800 games for cheap: planet smashers and basketbrawl; so it’s all good. He praises those xegs joysticks as one of the better ones he’s used
  4. I’ve also seen local people selling green n64s for dirt cheap; it’s a great little app and you can find decent prices if you’re patient
  5. And I’m trying to convince my friend in Florida, who has an extra xegs joystick, to sell me his yo no avsil
  6. Lowest I’ve seen an xegs in box was locally here in Maryland on Mercari; guy was only asking 50. Wish I had grabbed it
  7. I believe like 300 but theres a waiting list, If i recall
  8. Looking for a copy of blackjack picture label
  9. Yeah I appreciate the help though
  10. I emailed him and his response was that he didnt have any for sale and the only way I could get one was if I bought an xegs cib
  11. Willing to pay any reasonable price for one!! Someone help me out!!!
  12. Like the coleco published donkey Kong and carnival
  13. Would the white Atari shells work too?
  14. Also open to best offers or trades of other Atari 7800 games!
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