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  1. I went out and bought a SanDisk micro SD card, the smallest memory I could find was a 32g I tried pressing the aspect button and the back of the console but it did not adjust the size. And my bad I miss understood the number of games. On the picture of the menu screen, top right corner, it reads 48 items found. I thought that meant number of games, but I counted it and I count 28 games which makes more sense because I do see when I press Direct download it says I'm downloading 13.2 when the size of the file 13.15. The .13 must be the missing 5 games. Maybe its a matter repeated attempts of downloading?
  2. Hi everyone , I tried downloading the RetoN 77 Community Build and when the popped it into my Retron77 it appears zoomed in, the image is slightly enlarged cutting off the edges and instead of 48 games I only see 23 (which is great! but the most important game that I'm trying to acquire is Pitfall II and with all the luck that game wasn't downloaded; I actually have the cartridge of the game too but the console won't read it. So I figured this download would do the trick but hasn't thus far) Am I doing something wrong? I've deleted and downloaded several times and still end up with the same results. In short how do I get it to look like this? : Edited: I forgot to Mention when I select Direct Download it shows me that I'm download 13.2 MB but the file size says it 13.15 And I don't know if it matters, the size of the file appears to be the problem, but writing the micro sd card with Win32 Disk Imager.
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