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  1. Hey, gang! I got my USB adapters the other day, but I just got busy with work. These work PERFECTLY! I now have a reason to keep my dad's overlays. But I have to admit- the disc absolutely sucks. Playing Super Chef was a lot easier with the keyboard, lol. But I did read on another forum here that they made joystick adapters for the controllers. I'll have to wait and see a set pop up on eBay, and give them a try. Being a guy who grew up playing NES, Sega Genesis, Playstation, and PS2, these old controllers can take a bit of getting used to.
  2. IT WORKS!!! I found the knowncarts.cfg file in the Bliss core like @Sinjinhawke showed, and just pasted the stuff @intvdave posted a few replies ago, and here it is in OpenEMU with the CRT New Pixie shader on top of it! This home-brew is EXACTLY how I dreamed it would be. Fun, exactly like the original, and challenging but doable. I've already played this a couple times just to see how the different levels turned out, and I for one, really love the concept of the levels changing every time you play. It prevents monotony and keeps the game fresh. An A+ follow-up to the already incredible classic. Thank you everyone in this thread for taking the time to help me with this issue. You guys rock! P.S.- I ordered the USB converters and should hopefully have them in the mail next week. I'll update when I get them.
  3. Yes, OpenEMU uses Bliss, and I have the latest core installed, but the program doesn't have the knowncarts.cfg file. I searched my computer for it, and no results. I downloaded the file, and added those three lines to it like you said, and tried dragging it into OpenEMU, but did nothing. I think that file only works with Bliss installed as its own application.
  4. @mr_me OK, that probably explains a lot. iMacs automatically come with keyboards that don't have the right-sided numeric keypad like Windows computers do. Apple does, of course, make those kinds of keyboards, but once I get those adapters, I won't need to worry about it. 😉
  5. That's great! I do hope that someone can figure out how to get it to work with OpenEMU someday. One of the cool features of the software is that it comes with shaders to change the picture quality. I attached few examples with the original classic. Sometimes the picture quality helps with the interface and experience!
  6. I GOT IT GOING!!! The keyboard hack file I got must've just taken a few tries to get it to work, but I'm playing Super Chef Burgertime as I type, and it's so much fun! This is exactly how I dreamed it would be- exact graphics as the original, fun, and challenging but doable. The keyboard controls suck terribly, but I have no knowledge of computer language to create my own custom hack file, so I'll just have to get used to it for a bit. I kinda feel like a freshman student in Computer Science walking into Senior Thesis here, lol. However, I do have two original controllers from my dad's master component that I took out of the console literally a week ago, and I plan to order a set of USB adapters from https://www.raphnet-tech.com/products/intellivision_to_usb_adapter/index.php later this week. The site even includes the hack file I need to use the controller, which should save me some potential brain damage. Thank you guys so much for your advice, help, patience and welcoming me here! I'll keep you updated on how things go with the adapters
  7. Thanks for the speedy replies! Update: I figured out part of the problem. I was using this YouTube video as my instruction manual for using jzIntvm only to finally realize that the GUI doesn't work anymore I checked out this guy's other video about LTO Flash!, and so far, I've got every file, and the game opens, but the program doesn't recognize my keyboard other than the "1" and "2" keys. I can go as far as the screen with the number of players, and that is literally it. I tried to give keyboard permissions in System Preferences and that did nothing. You guys know how I can fix THIS problem now?
  8. Hey, folks! First-time forum poster I finally recently got OpenEMU for my iMac, currently running OS X Catalina 10.15.5. I've been having a blast revisiting my old games, including Intellivision. I do have one issue, and I'm hoping one of you guys could help out. I'm interested in playing a few of the home-brews made by Intelligentvision (like Super Chef Burgertime!), but they will not load in OpenEMU. Has anyone here been able to get their games to play in the software? I've tried installing jzIntv, but my OS won't accept that emulator. I haven't found an answer anywhere on the internet, but I figured someone here might have an answer. Thanks in advance -Brian
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