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  1. Oh definitely. There’s so many glitchy circumstances in the game. It’s unplayable.
  2. For sure, the green screen will end your game no matter how many frogs you have left. but if you have 5 or more reserve frogs at 100,000, your game will glitch out before 110,000. if you have 3 or 4 reserve frogs, it will glitch out before 130,000. if you have 1 or 2 reserve frogs ... more chance the game will let you play it out... it can still green-screen on you but if it doesn’t your game anyway will end before 130,000 because there’s no more bonus men and the game gets very laggy and dead disc taps - Especially on every screen #4. having a nice clean game up to 200,000 is impossible on the console.
  3. They’re not comparable. On the console, the more frogs you have the higher the chance that the game goes to green screen (similar to the 6-man Demon Attack glitch). if you have more then 3 frogs at 90,000 the green screen will come automatically. Inty Matt, you had a game with 4 frogs at 100K and you said it was a pity that the green screen ended your game. But that was automatic. You had too many frogs. I had many games with 6 reserve frogs at 100,000 and the game ends with the green screen almost immediately. It’s more likely for the game to keep going at 100,000 if you have 0 or 1 reserve frogs. And even if the green screen doesn’t come, no one is scoring another 111 K with 1 or 2 frogs, no more bonus frogs, the dead disc taps, the anxiety of the green screen looming, and the difficulty as it is at that stage of the game. the console also has dead disc taps and lagging. It happens more frequently the further into the game. As often as 1 in 5 taps on the disc are dead taps. In a lucky game, only 1 in 10 taps are dead taps. I suggest to Rickster to have 2 leaderboards for Frogger. One for console and one for computer emulation. On the console you can’t have 8 frogs at 100,000 without the green screen coming immediately. LOL. Impossible. Inty Matt can confirm all of this since he is a professional Frogger on the console.
  4. Someone woke up the sleeping Matt-dragon! I KNEW I should have picked Junior!
  5. Mr. Me, you’re too modest! We’re all doing the We’re Not Worthy Wave, in unison!
  6. @cparsley don’t freak-out! I’m back in second place homes! 20.8 K
  7. Mr. Me, Ace ... take it easy guys! You’re making us all look bad!
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