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  1. Someone woke up the sleeping Matt-dragon! I KNEW I should have picked Junior!
  2. Mr. Me, you’re too modest! We’re all doing the We’re Not Worthy Wave, in unison!
  3. @cparsley don’t freak-out! I’m back in second place homes! 20.8 K
  4. Empire Strikes back was voted worst game on the console. Followed by Sewer Sam. if you only had three games then I can see why you enjoyed them. Ladybug is pretty good after all! (Compared to Empire). Why make the turtles inanimate chocolate turtles on Frogger? The only good graphic is the grey truck. But that’s it. Even the graphic of the smiley-frog that sits at the top of the screen is ridiculous! not as bad as donkey Kong being drawn as Captain Caveman and Mario as a pink pig?
  5. I stand corrrcted! Third place. However, I still give Frogger and Parker LAST place on graphics! The headless centipede and alien-insects on Ladybug are much better then these cars on Frogger that look like fish from shark shark and the turtles look like chocolate turtles.
  6. Picked up a crappy backup Intel machine. Just hooked it up. Right controller is busted. Left one glitchy. “Gotta do what gotta do”. Zero excuses. Let’s play ball fellas!!! Ps) I forgot Frogger sucks on Intel. The lagging of the gameplay! And the graphics..... worse then Coleco games! 19K. First place I believe!!!
  7. Getting a score in while I can. My Intellivision went wonky on me. 4 K
  8. Update on Defender: I was trying to get past the first screen .. I reset my game over 100 times in a row and broke my Intellivision. None of the buttons work and the game is haywire. Thanks Defender! I have to find my dusty old Intellivision in storage at my brother’s place and see if it still works. I know the right controller is broken. There’s no time to get one shipped from eBay. Any Sparty fans out there: it’s not looking good. Congrats Parse; it was a great battle right to the end.
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