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  1. Yes I tried that yesterday. It only reduces the score.... but I wanted to hear from someone else to confirm!
  2. Sorry Hoosier, I forgot you’re at 6.1 !!! I would have had 6.1 if that stupid cat would drink his milk and let me climb that darn building !!!
  3. 6.0 !!!! finally cleared building 6. BTW... I lost 6 men at once on the bottom of level 7. that stupid cat came out 3 times. Zu... we’re tied in first !!!
  4. That’s the part that I hate about this game. I notice that when I compete my tasks sooner, I wait and wait for the target to come... the game is trying to reduce my score. If I complete my tasks slowly, the target comes immediately. if you throw 100 m&m’s into the air and try to catch them in a hat.... that’s Star Strike. it’s 50% skill and 50% luck.
  5. Absolutely, YES!!! When I think the skeet target is coming, I hover on that kite handle like a chicken on an egg. 50% chance I hit it and I have to reset... but the closer the better... YES!!!
  6. Totally true! This is a very difficult setting!!! The shooting and bombing get pretty difficult! Nicely done!!!
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