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  1. The project is still underway. Stay tuned. I'll update again when the samples complete testing.
  2. Nothing so far. They had the vacation time that delayed it 2 weeks. They are still working on the samples now.
  3. That's a good thought. I'm not sure how you notice what chip you have externally. If you use hot air gun over the label it covers the screw. Does the commodore 64 have a cooling fan in the case?
  4. Good thoughts. I've used the lower powered TI cartridge games in a dual batt unit and both batts installed with no issues.
  5. Both units are wired that same as far as I noticed. I've opened 2 units of each. The extra battery gave it the current boost it needed for the cartridge games with the 8021 processor.
  6. Which battery prong came off. In the earlier models these were clipped onto the boards. The single batt units had the clips soldered onto the board. Do you still have the loose batt clip? Open it and you'll see how easy it clips back into place. A super slight squeezing of the area where it clips to the board will keep it secure.
  7. That was something I was curious of myself. You can remove the sticker with a heat gun. I'm sure a low serial number BB cartridge would have the 8021 chip installed. I'm curious on what order the game were released?? Then I was going to try it in a single batt unit and check drain. There is also the issue of today's batteries have a higher MaH rating than long ago. Maybe you wouldn't notice. Something to try though.
  8. This guy made created a couple of emulators and custom tetris and flappy bird games. https://habr.com/ru/post/416865/ If you download the github file it includes tetris files for MVEM. It has a new version of MVEM.exe needed to run the tetris game. It seems to be back compatible with the existing bin files of the already released MV games. https://www.raphkoster.com/2017/05/07/microvision-emulator-release/ Here's another take from that post on the 1 9V battery and 2 9V batteries MV units. UWP "The bulk of the cartridges worked on TMS1100, because Signetics, which released the 8021 under Intel license, could not supply MB's required chip supply. Even some games that were already written for the 8021 had to be ported to the TMS1100. This, by the way, made it possible to abandon the dangerous bundle of two batteries, because the consumption of the microcontroller from TI was only 0.1W versus 1W from Intel. I have only one of 6 cartridges with 8021, this is the Connect Four game, it was taken as a basis." So, which game cartridges had the 8021 installed. If you installed that in a MV unit with only 1 battery connections, does the battery drain much faster. I'm going to heat gun the label off that covers the screw and check. So, far I've seen the BB cartridge with both. Maybe plug in the power supply to check current differences.
  9. Like this guy did. Did you see this yet? https://habr.com/ru/post/416865/
  10. You mean like a cartridge with all of the games? If so, I haven't seen one as of yet. There is certainly plenty of talent out there to make it happen though.
  11. Wow! I have to try that. Even with 9 balls served. I already noticed the earlier BB game cartridges run a little slower. The ball speed is not as fast. Not sure why, maybe the different processors used??
  12. Has anyone seen this video talking about screen rot. I was trying to insert to a time in the video. scroll to 12:10 https://youtu.be/lt--fY3WOdk?t=729
  13. I have yet to clear a full screen on BlockBuster. 92 is my high score even with starting with 9 balls instead of the default 7. I had 2 blocks left! So close. Anyone else?
  14. vewy vewy close... I would think by next week the will start testing the protos in the 2 MV devices I sent.
  15. You can check you MV electronics with a good battery and the game. Start pushing the go button until you hears faint beeps from the piezo. You can test that at least.
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