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  1. 2 hours ago, Tombstone said:

    How funny....I also have Stop Thief as well as Lost Treasure. My family loves the old board games because they have so much character. I had Dark Tower for the longest time and I also remember when it came out new. That was THE game to have. Voice of the Mummy was huge back in the day and many people grew up with it. I did not know about it until a few years back and just loved Richard's site. I bought Seance, but we did not care for that one much, so I sold it off.

    VOTM is definitely one to have, and Richard is your guy. I believe he hand made a needle for my record player! For the needles I think he personally flies to Africa, digs out diamonds from deep in the ground, hand carves them out of sheer will-power with a kitchen knife and then charges you like $5 for them.   ;)





    I agree the Seance wasn't as spooky.  It's really an auction game with funny messages on the record.


    Digging those needles in Africa exactly like that!  Individually with a small baby spoon no less.  If they are too big, I throw them back. 🤣👍


    Anyone picking up the new Egyptian game Ankh? 


  2. 2 hours ago, Deteacher said:

    Funny you mention VOTM.  In addition to my terrible retro video game addiction, I've lately gotten into the old board games.  I just picked up "Stop Thief". When telling my wife about my latest acquisition, she asked me if I'd heard of "Voice of the Mummy."  I started looking for one on Ebay and had no idea how much they go for...even with the broken record player.  Maybe one day, I'll splurge and try to get my hands on one.


    But getting back on topic, I hope others see this thread and know that there's really decent and knowledgeable help available to them to get their MVs back in like-new working order.  


    P.S.  I finally cleared one wall of bricks on Blockbuster.  That game is crazy hard!

    That stop thief is interesting.   You have to concentrate on the sounds to know where the thief is.  Takes a bit of time to get used to.   Have you picked up the sister game Parker Bros Lost Treasure?   It came out about the same time or before.  Same size box.  It's a little more interesting game play IMO.


    The mummy is a cool game.  It has a real record player inside.  Complete with new turntable platter, belt, turntable motor and new speed controller to replace the cheap failing part to adjust the voice speed.   I like to turn it down an octave for a dark, slower spooky voice speed.   Then there is Seance right after it with the same vintage record concept.


    Also supported is the king of the hill - 1981 Dark Tower.   These towers get completely restored with new caps, circuit updates, new brighter digit displays are available to replace the dim original displays. New battery contacts as these are always corroded from the old batteries.   New motors are installed that operate at the correct speed and torque.   The picture carousel alignment is set perfectly after the new motor are installed.



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  3. The New Microvision Backlit LCDs Kits have arrived. Shipments will begin 03-29


    Any units that were sent in for the backlit kit install will be started that week. They will be installed and shipped out based on order date.

    The standard replacement LCD and Backlit Kits can be purchased here.






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  4. 8 hours ago, yoras said:

    It's working...  IT'S WORKING!!!!   I finally got it working but was having problems getting the whole screen to display, it was just showing the outer sides.  After a few attempts of repositioning the zebra connector, I was still getting no image in the center of the display.  After rereading the instructions, I realized my tray was warped and, just like the instructions say, a couple extra short pieces of painters tape for the middle of the shelf that the zebra connector sits on did the trick. Here you go... Backlight and all!!  Thanks for all your efforts Mr. B!! 


    Awesome!  Thanks for sharing the efforts.  That info helps everyone.

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  5. Quote

    Hey, I installed the kit but I couldn't get the screen to work... 


    We worked on this problem above for quite a while in FB messenger.  There is no display at all with attempting every idea possible.   It's suspected that the display chip is toast.  The unit itself works fine with blockbuster.  Pressing GO several times and you hear the beeps from missing the ball.  Wolfcrow is working out the details of shipping it in for a chip swap.

  6. 1 hour ago, SpotAnime said:

    You know, I never put two and two together, but I've been following you on eBay for years, for your Dark Tower repairs. I've got a complete boxed Dark Tower that thankfully still works but I saved your listings just in case I needed to get it repaired. Now I know you are the same!


    I'd collected a few Microvision over the years for the other LCD screen in production. I may have to send you a couple of those just for that LCD backlight version. Thanks for all you do!

    Cool, your welcome!  I'm upgrading 3 Dark Towers now with brighter displays, new quiet motors, rebuilt battery compartments and rebuild keypads .  The keypads are much more responsive.  You don't have to dig in a fingernail for it to work.  I'm trying to get the time to create a new keypad for the MV.  The MVs have the same symptoms from the keypad press.  Some are more sensitive than others as the traces oxidize.  Fun stuff!  Do you have the Voice of the Mummy or Séance?  Those get rebuilt as well.  https://www.ebay.com/sh/mystore


    The backlit MV makes a big difference in game play.   The MV has that sunken display area which creates a shadow.  The backlight LCD really helps with that.

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  7. 4 hours ago, robbievgb said:

    $45 for the backlight kit and install? That's pretty hard to pass up. I get so nervous working on old electronics like this. 


    Still taking pre-orders for the backlight kits? They look pretty sharp! 

    Yes,  How's it going?  PREORDERS for the 2nd batch are still going.   The standard replacement LCD are in stock and ship same day.  https://voiceofthemummy.com/staging/microvision-lcd-display/


    There are install options for both.   Here are the install guides for both types for the DIYers.  https://voiceofthemummy.com/staging/microvision-lcd-display/1979-microvision-lcd-install-notes/

  8. 2 hours ago, Goochman said:

    I had serious jitters with Block Buster - cleaning the cart contact points with Isopropyl Alcohol and also a good eraser rub has eliminated 99.99% of the jitter.  I haven't had any real problems on other carts, but if I get a tiny bit of jitter I do the eraser rub and it goes away.

    That makes sense.  I'll make more effort in the contacts when it comes up.   I noticed sometimes that is you move the cartridge side to side, those small movements cause it to jitter.

  9. 4 hours ago, Rik1138 said:

    Are you actually taking the pots apart to clean, or only if necessary?  I was hoping a good spray would be enough...


    Got one installed finally, and I love it!  It's so much fun to play the game in the dark.  :)
    And I was ONE BLOCK away from clearing the wall a second time!!  Ahhh... 

    I'm trying everything sometimes to get the jitters out of the paddle wheel.   I've completely disassembled the pot, cleaned and polished all contacts.  Added more tension to the contacts by bending.   Added tamiya contact lube and still has the jitters.   Jury is still out on the exact fix on this problem.   The pot travels along the wires to the board thru the large connector back to the game processor board thru the transistor and there is a cap on the board involved.  Lots of areas where contacts can be iffy.


    Nice work!  Backlit is great.  Play it anywhere.  Well lit to dark. It stops the sunken display area shadow also.  Not sure why the display wasn't flush.


    Did you use the install guide?  Any feedback on the guide, instructions pics?


    Score?  191?   Ohh, that's going to be tough to beat.

  10. 14 hours ago, eebuckeye said:

    I received mine back yesterday with backlit screen installed.. awesome!!! He even performed extra work on the units before sending them back to make sure they were perfect!  Thank you!! 

    Nice!  Thanks.   It looks like taking these pots apart for cleaning will fix the jitters.  Cleaning spray might help, but may need a thorough cleaning.

  11. All of the LCD's have been shipped out. Check paypal or ebay tracking messages for delivery date. These LCDs have gone to several locations out of the states, Canada, Hungary, Spain, Italy and Germany. It's a world wide event!! 🤣👍


    The MV units sent in for LCD installs will be completed over the weekend and shipped on 1-18ish.


    Here is the rough final install page for the backlit LCD kits. Take a moment to review. Any questions, feedback please ask so I can make changes. https://voiceofthemummy.com/staging/microvision-backlit-lcd-install/


    There has already been an account of the display lines issues from warped LCD trays.  Review the install notes about adding painter tape strips to the warped LCD trays where the large zebra connector sits.  Watch for factory masking tape or paperboard strips that fall out during the LCD tray disassembly.  Those paperboard strips need to be reinstalled.

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  12. On 1/12/2021 at 12:14 PM, dantist said:

    lol, for real? I thought everything was cool by now with 5-11under.


    Like I said, I've probably misunderstood your post.

    As far as I know everything is cool between us as he stated in a post.  The admin put a block on it anyway.  🤔


    Ok, I remember.  That was back in the concept days...   The problem is with this type of LCD in the BL kits, they don't have a light reflector on the back with the rear polarizer.  The BL would always have to be on to some degree.  The transmissive LCDs need a light source.  Then it would need a separate hole in the case for a wheel potentiometer.  Then setup the pot so it controls a certain range of resistance or it would damage the BL unit.  The BL unit is 3V only and very low current.  So, a bit or work to have brightness control.  It's setup now with a fixed resistor size of 680 ohms.  That amount has a balance of brightness and current drain of 9mAh.   It's bright enough to see in bright room light but not too bright in low to dark room lighting and without a lot of drain.  If you use the next standard size smaller fixed resistor, the current drain increases.   But still, even with backlighting installed and playing a game,  todays 500mAh 9V batts lasts 20+ hrs. anyway.  The intel games like Connect 4, are 3 times the drain though.

  13. 3 minutes ago, Tombstone said:

    Ditto what Yoras just said. This project, much like your Mummy project, is clearly a labor of love. Bitching about getting “skipped in line” and having to wait a couple of extra days for something that has taken years (and could have actually never happened) is completely tone-deaf. 

    Richard, u have no idea how much this means to many MV fans. I cannot thank you enough.

    Yes, these new LCDs are much needed.  It's all good.  We are all excited about getting these units back up and running.  I'm as excited to get them out to everyone asap.  So testing and installing and packing continues today.   All first class packages are trackable and our course priority mail.  Auto generated emails from paypal and ebay should be sent as they get printed.

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  14. 1 hour ago, SavageMind said:

    That doesn't help any. That reinforces my point. So has the people who ordered their screens in Nov been sent theirs yet?  The light kit came after the screens and yet you have yours already. So at this point it doesn't matter anymore. I'll wait for it to arrive when and if it arrives. 

    I sent you a private message asking your name so I can give a guestimate on a ship date.  All of the LCD types came in at the same time.  Another batch of backlit kits were ordered and those are being sold as pre-order.  As Stupus mentioned, there were random picked installs to check procedures using the samples sent earlier.  Shipments and installs start 1-11 on all LCD order types. The LCDs are going to be installed, tested, packed and shipped through the week as time permits.

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  15. 8 minutes ago, SavageMind said:

    Ok that makes no sense. If someone sent in a MV to have you install(Goochman), they are getting back already vs those of us who purchased just the screen still have to wait? 

    Your only waiting a day more.  I needed some more receive, install, shipment, delivery process data on the BL kits.  He was local.  1 day delivery.  The USPS first class deliveries are really 1-5 days anyway.

  16. 4 minutes ago, SavageMind said:

    If you don't mind. What is the status of the unlit screens if they have already been purchased?

    Both types of LCD shipments are underway this week and will continue.   A couple of MV units sent in have had the backlit kits installed and returned.  Everything is looking great.   Those units sent in for install will continue to be completed and sent out.


    The shipments will go out in order purchased starting from 11-22-20.   I won't be able to give an exact estimate on when purchased, when is delivery.  As the testing and shipment processes evolve, shipments and deliveries will speed up.  I'm still testing each unit before shipment.


    The LCDs, without backlight, are being sent out with a custom pink zebra connector.  On those LCDs, it's not really needed as both original zebra connectors are reused.  Those were ordered long ago just in case and I don't need to keep a bag of them.


    The LCD backlit kits will have a custom pink zebra connector that is taller than the original straight zebra connector.  That pink zebra connector must be used on the backlit kits.


    Lookout for shipment emails.  If you ordered through paypal,  an shipment email from paypal will be sent.   Ebay will generate the same email type when shipped.


    USPS is already looking very good for on time shipments.   I've been able to send LCDs locally and east to west with on-time deliveries using first class and priority mail.


    Web pages are setup for assisting the install.  One is for the LCD replacement.  This is for the LCD with backlighting kit.  The backlit page is still being worked on.  Pics are out of order without notes.

  17. 1 hour ago, sideburn said:

    This is great and long awaited. I just stumbled on them on eBay. 

    I have a couple questions.


    Is the backlit version much more difficult to install than the standard version?


    If you turn the backlight off is the lcd display the same as the standard version?


    Hello, I'm working on the install procedures now.   The BL kit has a couple more steps.  You can see them in this link.  https://voiceofthemummy.com/staging/microvision-lcd-display/

    You will have to file down a 2" in wall next to the LCD to fit the backlight unit.  Then solder 2 wires for the backlight.  Here is the install procedure for the standard LCD replacement.  https://voiceofthemummy.com/staging/replacing-with-new-lcd-without-backlight/

    You will not have the option to turn off the backlight separately.   The backlight LCD is a TN Transmissive type.  It does not have a rear reflector attached to the rear polarizer.  The power drain is very low at 9mAh.  Total is 22mAh with light and a TI chip game cartridge.  58 mAh with a Signetics Intel 8021 game of Connect 4. 

  18. Another batch of backlit LCDs kits are on order.  Arrival time is mid to late February.  Those can be purchased in ebay or on the website through paypal.


    Website purchase for both types through paypal.  You do not need a paypal account.


    International orders please use eBay as this automates customs forms and shipping protection.

    Standard LCD replacement.

    Backlit LCD kits.

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