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  1. The units were shipped out. They arrived quickly. The displays were not working. They described them as "rainbowed". Bummer. They are so temp sensitive. The electronics are fine. They are working on designing the new displays now. They will test the samples in the 2 provided units before they send samples. The big issue is building the separate backlight unit. We can't figure out how it was done in the pics 511under posted. Maybe 511under could share some info on that. There isn't enough room in the LCD cavity for both. Maybe it's lit from the sides. The plan is to build LCD's with about 50% backlight units. Not everyone wants one. I do. It will help in both bright and dim lighting. Still will have to work out how much drain the BL will be. I also making new contacts for these. This will make it easy to install 2 additional contacts is the later units with single batteries in case of the drain being high. Remember when these MV units were made, the 9V batts had a very low MaH rating compared to today. I've been able to play MV blockout for quite a while with little drain on an energizer. I remember playing Mattel Football and the batteries not lasting very long before the game went nuts.
  2. supplier has confirmed delivery. the plan is that they will be dissected on Monday.... muuuhahahahaaaaa
  3. The Microvision LCD screen project is still moving forward. A supplier has been selected from a group of about 7. It took some time back and forth with basic details and costs for the replacement LCD screens. With the MV units, the supplier will be able to test whether these original screens are of the TN or STN type. The STN type would be better for a wider viewing angle. It's a matter of whether the controller chip is compatible. The backlighting unit will be separate and optional. http://www.ebay.com/itm/224090610358 I put the ebay price high so the unit would not be purchased yet but at least be seen to spark interest. Once the samples arrive, testing is finished, and all the details worked out, the production units will be built. The build should take about 2-4 weeks to build after that. At this point, I'll try to stick with the funding. It would be very difficult to manage inventory, costs, and final distribution or support issues from 2 locations. I have several MV units to test with. When the samples arrive, I can beat them up to make sure they work well for everyone. Test units have been sent out to be reproduced. My guess is the next update to be around 3-4 weeks.
  4. Ok, minor update on the process. I'm still getting information from the 2 potential suppliers to be able to select one to work with. The supplier that I prefer is already a supplier for the retro LCD screens for the Game Boy monochrome and color units. Those are much more complicated and have a custom display IC on the flex cable. So this microvision LCD project should be a slam dunk. But, I still can't get any estimates on the costs. The contact is adamant about getting the units first to evaluate. So, stay tuned as these details get ironed out...
  5. Ok, I'll make contact with the suppliers and get the exact cost details ironed out. One supplier needs tooling monies up front, the other didn't mention money up front, just send a working unit.
  6. I was getting ready to send a message. I'm up for the sponsorship. That was my main issue with it moving forward. So, nothing from 5-11? Hmmm. My thoughts are keeping it in this thread so everyone interested can follow. So, to recap where it's at is both suppliers want a working unit to reverse eng the LCD screens. That's the best way in MO. They can work out any problems that arise that a build spec created by me, might miss. From the last spring 20 posts from 511, it seemed to have an issue with the contrast not being dark enough and he was/or is sending a unit to evaluate. Nothing after that.
  7. I re-read that comment a few times and couldn't figure out where he was coming from. Nobody is trying to steal a project. 511 took it very far and it was his motivation that started my interest in continuing. If we could get his contact info as the replacement units have already been designed. The project may have been a low priority with the extreme funding up front and the relativing low initial sales and sitting on the rest of the units.
  8. The vague costs so far that I'm seeing are a minimum of 500 units at 1-3 with tooling costs of 1k.
  9. I just don't see any point to any of this. How else are you going to get the message out to the very people that are interested in getting new screens that have Notify me of replies checked.
  10. Ok, this project is going stale.😡 The big problem is, I'm sure that 5-11under had this quandary, spending 🤑$$$ to have all of the units made then a trickle coming back in to pay off the project. It's really a big unknown of how many units would sell immediately to be able to price these according to that number and get the monies back. I'm not really interested in making money. Some money would be great for the effort. The obvious issue is shelling out big clams to get it started. It's almost like a kickstarter needs to happen to get everyone in on the project. Any ideas on that? I've been watching the resale prices on these units and cartridges, and they are not that great. I don't really know if replacing these screens would help sales or flood and reduce prices. I've picked up working units for $. On another hand, it actually might help as this would put more units in the hands or more collectors and more talk means more units circulating. There are plenty of websites mentioning or being dedicated to this handheld gaming system. 👍 I set up an eBay item for future sales of the new LCD displays. The idea was to see how much activity it would generate to get a better idea of how many would sell. Also, maybe get some messaging conversations going. I've had 2 messages, 11 watchers and 226 views so far... 💩 I have 2 suppliers that are ready to have units sent to them. They can take the unit apart and develop a build process. The build spec has been setup for using existing Zebra connectors, exactly same size to fit and work with contrast adjuster on the back. Plus the optional backlight unit. The completed price is still unknown until they get the unit and reverse eng them. Again, it would be nice if 5-11under would supply some info on the supplier as these are already prototyped. Starting over with a supplier is wasting time. open for ideas on how to proceed...
  11. The backlight will be a separate unit. So, if you did not purchase the backlight at first, it can be purchased later and wired in later. I'll need the new displays and backlight unit first before we can determine how it's going to be hooked up. The ideas are controlling the LCD contrast as it's originally configured. This is the pot on the back to adjust as the 9V battery drains. Then attaching the backlight and how it gets powered.
  12. Sounds good. I'm stilling working on getting a couple of working units to send. I'll post something useful when I get them send over for rev eng. Then I can get better quotes on actual quantities and costs.
  13. ok. So what is your opinion on the displays? Backlight or no backlight?
  14. Ok, you have made contact? Is there anyway to pass on questions? Who was the supplier? That supplier already make samples of the LCD display and backlight part. Can he pass along the info. I'm having to start over with a suppliers and create new samples which is time consuming. I would save us all a lot of time. Thanks for any help.
  15. Thanks for the post on this. The more activity on this the better for everyone. This week I should get a unit that actually works. I can take measurements and create a build spec for the supplier. I really wish I could hear something about the project from 511under. I don't want to step on his work but we need a screen already! 😎👍
  16. Exactly! Yes, the old gameboy did not have backlight. The supplier worked with the buyer and custom created a backlight. These are all over ebay right now. It will work either with the on/off switch or use contrast control in the back. I think that will be a cool feature that was not possible in 1979. Again, this is exactly what 511under has already completed. I don't know what happened to 511under's progress. He had 5 samples made that worked fine. No updates since Apr. It started 4-5 years ago!
  17. Well, I created an item on ebay discussing this issue. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224090610358 I have a supplier that's ready to make these. The cost is still being worked out. The supplier also builds the replacement units for all of the old gameboy units with a white backlight display. Those are for sale all over ebay. These Microvision displays are extremely simple. If anyone knows how to contact 511under, let me know.
  18. Who exactly is working on this replacement screen? 5-11under? Anyone else working on this? I enjoy working on solutions for these old games. We all enjoy a little fun nostalgia with playing the old games. I've recently purchased a unit on ebay. It was not working and I wanted to find a solution. I quickly found this thread. I rebuild the games Dark Tower with new motors, brighter displays and new battery contacts. Also restored are the record players for voice of the mummy, Seance and Mattel Instant replay-talking baseball and football. All of these repairs are new motors and replacing the nasty battery corroded contacts custom made from Cheeeena manufacturers. Sometimes other hand made customs plastic part repairs are needed. Here is the website. www.voiceofthemummy.com It's really cool for everyone to enjoy playing these restored games once again. I would like to work on getting a replacement LCD display made but it seems like this project has gone on for years now! Does anyone personally know 5-11under?? Is a replacement getting manufactured? Thanks for any help.
  19. So what are the symptoms of a bad screen?? Are all of the pixels turned on? Or is the screen blank? I have a unit with 2 cartridges that works with sound but no display. I'll take 2 please. One for my pet monkey and one for my microvision.
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