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  1. Really impressive! But please, give him a break. I am programmer too and i know what it is to be filled with other things in life and special requests for particular project. Things could seem simple to talk about and draw on paper, but to do something is completely different matter. I guess he will update his tool regularly, applying requests of his choice. The code is open sourced, so you can adapt it as you wish.
  2. No worries, I noticed that also. The problem is a way Effectus assigns a pointer in this particular example. I already have solution for this, it will be fixed in next release. The good starting point is the same example in Tebe's GitHub Mad Pascal repository. Action! language is very unique in a way it uses arrays and pointers, so I need to examine all possible cases to adapt Effectus to translate correctly to Mad Pascal.
  3. I updated dev_log.txt with new observations of tracked bug issues. This file will be updated regularly when new bug issues are found. All fixes will be properly referenced.
  4. New version 0.4.3 New features Missing PROCedures added: PutD, PutDE Variables allowed in inline machine language block PROC dli() ; display list interrupt routine [ $AE INDEX ; LDX INDEX $BD $FFFF ; LDA STRCOL,X $8D WSYNC ; STA WSYNC $8D COLPF0 ; STA COLPF0 $EE INDEX ; INC INDEX $40 ; RTI ] RETURN Assigning memory address to fixed BYTE ARRAY variable declaration (f.e. PCOLR(1) = $2C0) Bug fixes DEFINE constants are case insensitive now Correct parsing of new line called by statement PRINTE() or PRINTE("") Removed unnecessary UNTIL initial variable assignment before main DO UNTIL DO loop declaration More statement spacing freedom Proper integer division (div operator) handling ('/' operator substituted with div operator, as there is no float/real division functionality in Action! anyway) Proper assignment of second parameter in Action! MoveBlock procedure as pointer assignment to a first parameter in Mad Pascal Move procedure in case it is a number Example: Action! statement: MOVEBLOCK(TOPMEM,57344,1023) Mad Pascal statement: Move(pointer(57344), pointer(TOPMEM), 1023); Closing end statement added in Mad Pascal code for some cases where Action! RETURN statement does not appear, f.e. after closing ']' in inline assembly Misc New examples New document listing of missing features and bug issues (dev_log.txt) man_anim.xex rainbow.xex chrdef.xex dlidemo.xex
  5. I would do this only as an additional option, because 82,2 is default setting on power-up. I would need this option most of the time.
  6. That's very cool tool!!! It already has many features, which I like: drag&drop files with instant output display (Atari BASIC source code listings as bitmap, images, ATRs, fonts...). Everything as one big HTML file, nice! Wow, the list of files in ATR, EXE files as debugged assembly 👌
  7. Thank you, zbyti. It is temporarily put on hold, but in time I will add new features, including requests from this topic.
  8. I prepared 32-bit version of Effectus. On the site is also MacOS version compiled by Mariusz Buk in his GitHub distribution. This is temporary site as I have some problems to set FTP atari8.info account on my computer: http://freeweb.siol.net/diomedes/effectus/
  9. New version 0.4.2 New features 2-pass parsing process (DEFINE constants are parsed in 2nd pass, so all DEFINE constants should be substituted with appropriate values through the listing code) Bug fixes Correct parsing of character "-" in Effectus source code listing files (bug found by zbyti) (illegal character removed from program statement in Mad Pascal, f.e. zp-sieve is translated to program zpsievePrg;) Removed unnecessary FOR initial variable assignment before main FOR loop declaration Joystick unit overrided Graph unit, so graphics usage was not detected. The fix enables Graph and Joystick units to be interchangeable and neither unit is removed from unit clause begin word added after declaring BYTE ARRAY variable, which didn't appear in some cases Action! RETURN statement in IF condition allowed, so it is possible to exit routine immediately without branching to ending RETURN statement. It is substituted with Exit statement in Mad Pascal Example: IF KBCODE=135 THEN RIGHT RETURN FI Assignment of BYTE ARRAY varible to memory address variable is allowed, f.e. Action! SCREEN=SAVMSC is translated to SCREEN := pointer(word(@SAVMSC)); in Mad Pascal Misc Compiled 64-bit versions of Mad Assembler and Mad Pascal included in Effectus 64-bit version package It's time to hunt down remaining annoying bugs... Effectus reference
  10. Hi, error catching is planned for some other version. I will resolve some bugs and add some new features before that. OLDVEC issue is also on the list for fixing. Currently, variables cannot be assigned inside machine language [] block.
  11. My condolences, he went to better place. Today is anniversary of my mother's death (14.5.2012)
  12. Waw, that's great. This is great news for new version. It provides a way for easier reading and writing to device channels, for example writing to device number 6 in text modes 1 and 2. No need for extra code as it was till now. Btw, I would suggest to rename some routines to more meaningful names, more specifically for routines opn and cls. I understand it is necessary to distinguish from actual Pascal command (f.e. close => cls), but this routine sounds more like a clear screen routine. So, I would suggest a different name, such as CloseDevice or CloseD. The same would apply to opn function => OpenDevice or OpenD. And thanks for XIO command, that's new.
  13. I forgot to mention I did receive new issue of ABBUC magazine last month. Many thanks for all the work you put in preparing it. I noticed the new layout, which I like.
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