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  1. zbyti, thanks for your contribution on documentation. It will be of much help to me and others when using Mad Pascal.
  2. Never heard of it, but it seems like a good newsletter. Well presented, game and tool descriptions, Atari BASIC sound effects I like it, even there are only few pages.
  3. It would be best to have them all on desk if space permited that :) I am an Atari man, but I like all retro. My wish is also to have ZX Spectrum alongside my Ataris. It would be best to compare games which exist on all platforms. I saw screenshot comparisons here on the forum before. Great stuff.
  4. That's amazing stuff! Really cool to have Atari BASIC environment online, among other stuff. Thank you
  5. I am so excited. It would be really good to go through Atari binaries with software monitor, I would maybe find something.
  6. Micro-small improvement from me: 22780
  7. Hehe, good catch, pps 🙄 Sorry, slx, for upseting you and for a bad joke 😄
  8. Hi, I decided to abandon Atari version of Mad Studio, because all of my interest is now focused to ZX Spectrum. Mad Studio will be developed with this computer and its features in mind.
  9. Looks interesting and useful, thanks for info.
  10. Great additions... I am very interested in zx0 decompression library which is offered in new version. zx0 seems like a good compression method for mic images. Is there a way to provide an utility for compressing such images?
  11. Galaxian is a classic and one of my favourite games from the past. I played it a lot in primary school. Score: 14820
  12. 13540 I am done with this game.
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