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  1. Can you please add me to the list? Thank you Miner 2049'er is one of my favourites from the childhood. Miner 2049'er........34745 Jet Set Willy 2019...9 items
  2. I received two magazines yesterday (normal issue number #142 and special edition #52). Beautiful cover, contents and software on disks. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. Boštjan
  3. Ok, some more fixes are required. You found interesting hole in current version ;) I must admit I didn't think of all possible ways of using new directives, especially this way, incorporating Pascal routine inside PAS {} block. Your imagination has no limits, but this is ok, as we can make Effectus more stable and useful this way.
  4. Hey zbyti! Now you can try again and test new directives to check if they work correctly.
  5. It is my pleasure to hear you like it. When you will test new features please post any new recommendations and bugs, if you find them.
  6. Hi, TIX! I plan to incorporate more sophisticated binary viewer/editor as current Byte editor only examines and exports data to specific Mad Studio modules. I plan to introduce other features before that.
  7. I will extend DLI editor in some later version and of course, it is possible to include gr. mode 2. Character set editor... Choosing starting line number where?
  8. Hmm, do you mean resizing original picture to this resolution before converting with RastaConverter? I agree, I suspected something is not perfect with resulting 8-bit pictures.
  9. Slovenian domination on Tour The France... Original picture: pogacar_and_roglic.xex
  10. That's great! I am not C64 user, but it is good to have nice neighbour around ;)
  11. That's wonderful news. Do you use C64 sometime? If so, would you test new and old features on the machine?
  12. Yeah, it can become frustrating in behalf of promises made to users/programmers, because of your good will. They expect the results, but it is up to them to understand that it is harder to do something than to talk about something. Of course, if there is enough time and motivation, the results pop up.
  13. I understand you completely, I have similar situation with the projects. Don't be distracted, just follow your planned roadmap.
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