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  1. This is what currently fascinates me the most in Atari game devs. Gr. 8 mode used in conversions (including Monty On The Run) which I find very pleasing to see, even if the look remains monochrome most of the time. The idea of using P/M as smart underlays is great and with good programming the playability stays intact like in these examples. Great game, I like it! 👍
  2. What an amazing tool... I especially like loading Atari BASIC files and viewing proper rendering of listings in browser. Good idea with embeding default Atari font. ATR and image file viewing is also great, not to mention everything I missed out. Thank for this amazing tool.
  3. Allan, thank you for all of your hard work on scanning and uploading Dal-ACE and other stuff. Incredible work!
  4. With such great support and addons my monsters decided not to be agressive too much. They just want some beer and conversation in good ambient to avoid hot sun.
  5. What a fast reply... Thanks 👍 +beer
  6. Ow, thank you, it works now. Beer awaits you
  7. Variables using Type declaration I found a strange behaviour when using type variable (array of type). Let's explain... I increment a type variable element by some value: monster[0].x := monster[0].x + 2; This code runs ok. But using a procedure, which consists of incrementing such variable, doesn't work correctly. The example works when commenting (remarking) the call to MoveMonster at the end of listing example. This is modified example from Mad Pascal repository: uses crt; type monsters = packed record x: byte ; a: cardinal; y: byte; end; var monster: array [0..3] of ^monsters; i: byte; procedure MoveMonster(p : byte); begin monster[p].x := monster[p].x + 2; end; begin for i:=0 to High(monster) do begin GetMem(monster[i], sizeof(monsters)); monster[i].x := i; monster[i].a := $ffffffff; monster[i].y := i * 2; end; for i:=0 to High(monster) do writeln(monster[i].x,',', monster[i].y); // Let's move first monster writeln(''); writeln('Let''s move first monster'); // monster[0].x := 2; monster[0].x := monster[0].x + 2; writeln(monster[0].x,',', monster[0].y); MoveMonster(0); writeln(monster[0].x,',', monster[0].y); repeat until keypressed; end. Any thoughts? Thank you. Regards.
  8. Game looks amazing! I like the original concept of the game. Most of the time we see new games reflecting old ideas with new twists or even very similar games. This makes me think how to plan a new game.
  9. Looking great! Is there any link to download the game or demo?
  10. Amazing! I shot enemies nearby our solar system.
  11. I am very sad, this news stroke to my heart. His contribution to retro scene is great. My condolences to his family I believe and I hope, they believe, he is in good place now.
  12. Hi Vladimir, I hope everything goes well for your family in the future. I know how it is, I was there in similar situation. Plans change drastically. PM me when you come close to Slovenia neighbourhood, so we can meet and drink some beers and coffee.
  13. Very nice implementation for Free Pascal and Delphi. Most non-Pascal developers think Pascal language is obsolete, but it is far from the truth. It is modular, elegant language, with clear syntax. And best of all, it is fast and optimized when right options are used. Free Pascal and Delphi can be used for low-level programming as C language. It is really useful to read the tutorial listed as last link. Great material for new and experienced developers. The reflexion of usefulness of Pascal language is seen also on Atari 8-bit platform. It is the best high-level language for the platform, fast and optimized, which can also be used as low-level language.
  14. Thank you, I am glad it is useful to you and others. I have plans for many amendments on the site, with new features and database updates for new software/hardware and additional accurate item/product information.
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