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  1. Many thanks for this treasure!
  2. New version 0.9.7 Most updates and fixes were done in Player/missile editor. Some highlights of new version: - support for loading and saving missile data (file format includes height, color and byte array data representation) - representation of selected missile in all possible sizes - enhanced formats for saving and loading players and multi-color player files: - byte array data representation instead of binary (the size of file is automatically quite smaller from older data format) - player height information (currently fixed to 30-pixel height) - player color information - Source code generator: - full support for selecting the size of each missile (this one was pain in the ass finding out all 255 combinations of selecting different sizes for each missile) - selection of player/missile color - player/missile coordinate values are now interchangeable between editor and generator (remembering current values) - checkboxes for setting a player and missile default position - (Mad Pascal): universal skeleton code on using P/M graphics (without any external P/M units) - Bug fixes: - proper loading and saving of multi-color player (*.mpl) files (bug in loading data from old format found by Philsan from AtariAge forum) - proper usage of color registers 2 & 3 when loading data files - Text editor - A warning message after closing source code generator, so the user can decide to copy new code contents in source code editor (suggestion by Philsan from AtariAge forum) - Buf fix: - saving new/unnamed filenames by using standard naming convention of incrementing number by one (removing annoying consequent 1's in filenames reaching number 19) - Animation player editor - Bug fix (source code generator): switched selection of Action! and Mad Pascal example source code listings Definitely this program needs some documentation which will be prepared in some later version. Regards madstudio.zip
  3. I tried new version of Mad Pascal, but compiled code hangs when using resource data (RCASM). Using RCData works ok. I also tried PacMad game code and same problem persists. Greetz
  4. Attached file is a mock-up of first stage based on game Another World written by Éric Chahi. This is not a full game, just an experimentation with Mad Pascal. All images are 160x192 in 4 colors (Antic mode E - gr. mode 15), compressed with a method I developed. In time it could become a bigger project incorporating Antic mode 4 graphics including additional levels. Hero and worm are generated with a help of Mad Studio (including hero animation). This demo does feature enemies, with unfinished screen scenes and physics. Anything else will be added when I figure out to work properly with Mad Pascal using unused RAM space under ROM. Hero movement: - joystick left and right for direction - pressing fire button while standing enables hero to kick with a leg - pressing fire button while going left or right enables hero to run You must disable BASIC before running this game demo. Enjoy! aw.xex
  5. Great stuff, thank you for your time collecting this library
  6. It was mentioned here and in other posts how to use RAM under ROM, but for me, it is still a struggle. I did some tests but all failed. Mad Pascal includes some examples (for example PacMad and MadKingdom, great games, btw) that show the way how it is done for the purposes of each game. I am in the making of a game which currently uses graphics mode 15 screens. I will migrate screen data to Antic mode 4 layout later, now I am just making a mockup version. I developed my own way to compress 160*192 data so more images can be put in available RAM. In Mad Pascal I use resource files (RCDATA and RCASM) linked to memory address to show screens. To make more interesting scenes I need more space for my data. So, I would be more than grateful for a very simple working example in Mad Pascal for putting screen bytes in memory locations starting at $C000 or $d800 and reading them back to show a screen using this data. No special DLIs or VBI. Thanks!
  7. I resurrected this thread because it is proper place to point something out. I had in my mind that missiles can be set to different sizes by setting SIZEM (53260). I experimented a little and it worked well. But reading De Re Atari it mentions that something like that can't be accomplished: https://www.atariarchives.org/dere/chapt04.php
  8. C64 does NOT have anything I would miss on 8-bit Atari. Atari is surely better all-around machine.
  9. Here is new version of Effectus (0.3). Mad-Assembler (MADS) is now integrated into Effectus program, the version used is 2.0.8. There are some other changes, including program parameters changes. Planned is further code revision to maintain even better Action! compatibility. It would seem like there were no significant changes, but this is a start. Unfortunatelly, currently pointers are of no use, but this will be fixed. Also, programs are compiled and assembled in the root directory of Effectus program. This will also be fixed later. The program is compiled with Free Pascal 3.0.4. The command in the console to compile the code: fpc -Mdelphi -vh -O3 effectus.pas
  10. New version (0.9.6) - Character set editor - Character view (original and modified set) for all supported text modes - Character set selection boxes for Antic modes 4, 5, 6 and 7 - Antic mode 4/5 editor - Buf fix: proper handling of color registers - Source code generator: - added new examples for automatic generation of byte array values and screen loaders Text mode 1 & 2 editor - Bug fix: correct handling of color registers - Source code generator: - added new examples for automatic generation of byte array values and screen loaders and more... (see About / Release notes)
  11. Waw, that's one incredible 3d demo. Very fast engine, at first I thought I have Altirra F1 speed up function switched on. Great stuff
  12. I am sorry for being a little late. Here is my result: 12700 - Green belt
  13. New version (0.9.5): Graphics Editor - Very basic implementation of drawing graphics shapes (line, rectangle, circle, triangle, filled rectangle) - Added new toolbar for additional features - Bug fix: correct handling of graphics mode 8 screens on loading and saving process - Bug fix: correct loading of multi-color player files (*.mpl) Character set editor - New tool: copy drawing character to selected character set cell - Changed and added icons in toolbar (Flip horizontally, Flip vertically, Rotate, Copy character...) - Bug fix: eliminated switching of inverse video characters (found by Kaz) - Bug fix: eliminated deleting of character beneath cursor on load and default character set operation Atascii editor (changed to Text mode 0 editor) - Source code generator: - added new examples for automatic generation of statements for data values and screen loaders About graphics additions... Currently these are very basic operations to help you to draw some basic shapes. Unfortunately, there is no Undo/Redo function currently, which waits for next version. When the shape is selected, the drawing process seems a little bit sketchy, but it doesn't influence final results. I am sorry about that. Character set editor - new function for copying drawing character to other cells works this way: 1. When this function is selected, currently drawn character can be copied to other cells freely 2. Use your mouse and click (left button) on selected cells where you want the new character to be 3. To end the process, press 'Esc' key to come back to normal mode Kaz, I hope this is what you wanted to use. Also, yourself as graphics artist maestro, please tell me if new icons for Flip horizontally, Flip vertically, Rotate look ok, because I didn't like the old ones. Greetings Gury
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