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  1. NTSC Atari/Datasoft 8 Lap Pro Challenge Atari GP 54,800 (Lap 4) Small improvement
  2. Game 7: video game version of this.
  3. I took your advice and watched a twin galaxies video and also saw them jumping over the big boulders as well. Tried it myself and it does work but it seems timing and position was key. What worked for me was moving as far left as possible and hold the joystick to the upper left diagonal and leave it there for the rest of the level. For the jump timing I found jumping when the boulder is at its apex and starting to go down towards you. Was able to do this fairly consistently but funny enough now was losing lives on the vines! At least was able to better my score.
  4. Congo Bongo (1 B/B): 88,560 So what exactly did this ape do to deserve to be hunted?
  5. I agree. The vines, water, and the cannibals can be figured out. Once you know when to jump and where to swim can pass those with more regularity and when I mess up its because of my bad timing. I have to think the same for the boulder screen but this is where I lose all my lives or hope I get less big boulders in my playthrough.
  6. Uphill does help as you do not fall as far when you land giving more time for the next jump. The big difference for me is I am having trouble with the bounce patterns of the big boulders. In the computer one the big boulder bounce patterns where consistent and they made it harder by having a small boulder just behind it and faster rather than what almost looks like a random bounce pattern in the 2600 version.
  7. Jungle Hunt (1 B/B): 49,310 Always liked the 8 bit computer version. Thus one is good but those big boulders are tough.
  8. NTSC Atari/Datasoft 1 Lap Series Malibu 26,300 (64"35) Namco 22,500 (66"09) Atari GP 27,800 (59"79) 2 Lap Series Malibu 35,650 Namco 32,550 Atari GP 33,950 8 Lap Pro Challenge Atari GP 53,050 (Lap 4)
  9. Pitfall II (1 B/B): Rollage! Took some runs to get this for my first time. Great game.
  10. Super Bunny: 1405 Was using the buggy version and was confused why my score never was greater than 0! Now using the right version though tough game.
  11. Chuckie Egg: 264,130 Finally got some time to play after a long week last week. First time playing this game.. Interesting game. Surprised you can fly across the entire screen and not die yet jump too high off a lift at the screen top and die!
  12. For Chuckie Egg, you can pause the game (at least on real hardware). Use the "H" key. When you start the game and select number of players it is stated at the top line of the screen although not very clear. The "H" stands for "Hold the game". Tried it and it does pause and you can restart by moving your character again. Have not gone enough rounds to need this myself yet.
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