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  1. Moon Patrol (A/B): 34,780 Improvement! @kermit73 tank tip helped. Thanks Although I grew up playing the 8-bit computer version I am quite impressed with this version. They got the music, tanks, mines, and enemy car from behind. Have not gotten further to see if they managed the lava pits. Does not seem to have the uphill part which I assume would be difficult on 2600. Great version but needs more time to really get great at it.
  2. Caverns of Mars II: 78,750 Almost made it through 4 loops. Was 1 second away of getting through.
  3. Moon Patrol (A/B): 25,960 Improvement. Getting the hang of the jumps.
  4. Moon Patrol (A/B): 16,360 Jumping physics quite different than in the 8-bit computer version that grew up playing.
  5. It's interesting that the manual says left difficulty switch in A turns off the music yet it is the opposite in the game. Guess some miscommunication here.
  6. Dragonfire (1 B/B): 8570 Frustratingly fun!
  7. One thing for me that makes a difference is the controller. I play way better with a joystick versus a keyboard or d-pad although many can do very well with the latter controllers. Depends on what you are used to.
  8. Solar Storm (1 B/B): 4345 Improvement.
  9. Whistler's Brother: 10,550 (chapter 3) Have not been able to get a good hang of controlling the brother.
  10. Solar Storm (1 B/B): 4110 Birthday Mania (1 B/B): 739 Fireball (Firetrap B/B): 18667 Paddle games are my absolute favorite on Atari. Played only 'Solar Storm' before. 'Solar Storm' is a solid paddle game. Takes a bit to get used to the flicker. 'Birthday Mania' hit detection is not so great which for a paddle game is not so good. Missile pixel width is wide yet you have to be almost dead center on the candles. Wants to be Astroblast and/or Kaboom but far from both. 'Fireball' however is amazing. Basically 'Super Breakout' on steroids. I want to try the other playfields later on to see if this game beats out my favorite paddle game, 'Super Breakout'. It is great that HSC provides us games we never or rarely played so can find other games we won't have otherwise found or played on our own. Thanks @Vocelli
  11. Bummer. I would have thought the Ultimate cart would work as it seems more capable than the uno which does work in this case. Given others had similar issues with this cart it must be a cart specific issue. I would guess someone would be able to figure out the root cause and fix the firmware.
  12. Improvements: Hazard Run (Chicken Run): 41,968 Hazard Run (Walton Wood): 70,213 Hazard Run (Hell's Canyon): 86,929 I don't know why this game is so addictive.
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