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  1. Beef Drop: 47,350 Brew Biz: 1,040 Beer Shot+: 6,886 (level 7) Burger Boy: 15,870 Basic Burger: 3,400
  2. For some reason Burger chef boots to turbo xl. Am I supposed to type something? I am running on real hardware with a sd card cart.
  3. Spare Star Raiders overlay for the Video Touch Pad that you'd be willing to part with, please shoot me a PM. Doesn't have to be in the most beautiful cosmetic condition, but I am looking for one with the retaining tabs intact and functional.
  4. I was trying to jump on the "?" only if I happen to be near them (some are along or close to the main exit path). I also was not thinking I would be able to get as far as I did without making a jump error so was going for points but in this last run I was good on the jumps and the ? took most of my lives. You can jump on a given "?" up to two times but found the likelihood of "wet diaper" increased significantly on the second attempt. There is some type of distribution that I can't figure out, that now if I make another attempt would not take as many chances.
  5. Runner Bear: 2,222 I don't think I have a chance to do an all 3's score !
  6. Busy Baby: 53,360 Made it to point K. Lost most of my lives to 'wet diapers' on the ? pads which feels unfair given that it seems random. Guess that maybe why they give out extra lives every so many levels
  7. Busy Baby: 43,540 Was on a roll when reached H level but then lost 3 lives there. Fun game
  8. Busy Baby: 30,850 Runner Bear: 1,267 Some improvements
  9. Also if you switch to the dragon character rather than Bentley bear none of the enemies hurt you but you can still fall to your death. Perhaps not as great for practice but could be useful
  10. Busy Baby: 23,930 Runner Bear: 827 Quite enjoyable games. Impressed by runner bear though wish it had more lives as option.
  11. Not sure when the last paddle games were played here on HSC but suggest try a few . I love paddle games especially Super Breakout. @therealbountybob had a great list of paddle games on A8 that I have never tried most of them: I have played most of the 2600 paddle games and loved many but Super Breakout on A8 remains my all time favorite.
  12. Phoenix Lair: 4,310 Some improvement. Tough to get past level 4.
  13. Robot City (Game 4): 2,700 Harder in that the robots wake up, but also easier to avoid boxing yourself in between 2 dead robots! Fun game.
  14. Space Mines: 19,100 Nice game. Would have been nice to also have options to down the difficulty curve to help learn the game
  15. Congrats @toiletunes! This was a tough game for me. Good luck in the next round. Off to the paper metal round I go (with that congo bongo tune still stuck in my head!)
  16. That was the strategy that I ended up finding worked the best. Going under them was way more luck of the draw of not getting killed in the 2600 version. In the 8-bit computer version going under was much safer.
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