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  1. The cart image (via Ultimate Cart) definitely works without issues on my real NTSC Atari 800XL 🙂
  2. There are apparently two versions of Seafox floating around. The cartridge image allows you to shoot up and forward, but only one projectile at a time per direction (matching the original Apple II version). It also uses more of the built in atari fonts. The .xex file (found on homesoft and elsewhere) instead only allows shooting upward, but allows up to three projectiles at once. Having recently hacked the former version for 2 button joystick support, I can definitively say that those differences have nothing to do with 400/800/xl/xe differences...
  3. And after 30 (!) of these, it's now time for me to take a break from these and let others have a go... 🙂 Here's a list of other games to consider, along with some caveats: Ace of Aces Press Button 2 instead of double-tapping the fire button (!) to invoke view switching (see the game's manual for more on this) Asteroids Press Buttons 2/3 for thrust and shield/hyperspace/flip over - but it'd be good to let players select Joy2B vs. original controls on this one. Axis Assassin Press Button 2 to activate the zapper. Use the .atr from Fandal for this; other versions don't actually have a properly working zapper. Also note that pressing the zapper when the spider web appears takes you to a special bonus round... Raster Blaster Press Button 2 to activate the right flipper. This one will require hacking in a custom VBI for STA POTGO since the main loop runs repeatedly between VBLANKS... Castle Hassle Press Buttons 2/3 to switch between different ghost forms. Cloudburst Hold Button 2 to hold up the umbrella? (currently this involves holding UP) Computer War Press Button 2 to rotate pieces during the piece-matching puzzle. Dandy Dungeon Press Buttons 2/3 to activate food/bombs per player. Dark Chambers.rom Press Button 2 to activate magic (instead of double-tapping the button - the logic for this is really finicky, too) Decathlon Use Buttons 2/3 (or 1/2) for running instead of wrecking the joystick 🙂 Desert Falcon Press Button 2 to activate acquired abilities (instead of double-tapping the button) Final Legacy Press Button 2 to instantly go back to the main view selector screen (currently mapped to the space bar). This needs to work in each of the different subscreens... Gateway to Apshai Use Button 2/3 + stick directions to substitute the START/SELECT/OPTION functions (see the manual for details) Ghost Chaser Press Button 2 to jump (instead of UP). Ghostbusters Press Button 2 to drop ghost bait and Button 3 to see status. This one's tricky since there's a rather complicated key handler here... Gumball Press Button 2 to activate the bomb defuser (instead of the space bar). Hard Hat Mack Press Button 2 to drop the jackhammer (first screen only) instead of the space bar. King Tuts Tomb Buttons 1/2 to fire left/right, and Button 3 for the flash (just like Tutankham, above). Livewire and Livewire 2 Press Button 2 to fire the zapper (Joystick mode) or Paddle 2's Button (Paddle mode). Nightstrike.rom Use the extra buttons to either independently rotate the turret or to load the other ammo types (see the manual for details). Pinball Construction Set Press Button 2 to use the right flipper (and possibly other construction set functions?) Qix (the older Mode E version) Press Button 1 for fast draw, Button 2 for slow draw. Thunderfox Press Button 1 for regular shots, and Button 2 for bombs. This also requires some UI treatment to get rid of the weapon selector icon. Wizard of Wor Button 2 + direction to change aiming direction without moving, to simulate the original arcade game's special joystick. I attempted this, but the direction changing code auto-assumes that the player will move forward and makes this harder to implement... And I'm sure there's more - can someone also fill in some PAL titles (my recommendations above come from NTSC-land)?
  4. Here's Beer Belly Burt in Brew Biz Joy2B (based on the Homesoft .xex version). This hack essentially separates out jumping from other actions activated by pressing UP. Old controls: UP: Jump (combine with Left/Right to jump left/right), Climb stairs, Climb up conveyor belts, Climb up ladders Fire button: Shoot New controls: Button 1: Shoot Button 2: Jump (combine with Left/Right to jump left/right) UP: Climb stairs, Climb up conveyor belts, Climb up ladders Note that if you are on the ground and want to start climbing on a ladder, you'll have to jump (Button 2) to start climbing it. The original game code doesn't explicitly check if you're in front of a ladder; it makes you jump up - and holding up starts the actual climbing. 😞 No attempt has been made to smooth over some of the other clumsy aspects of movement in this game (can't crouch until the character's momentum has run out, momentum comes to a dead stop after landing from a jump, etc.) If anyone wants to take a try at smoothing that up, you're welcome to use this Joy2B hack as a starting point... Beer Belly Burt in Brew Biz - Joy2B.xex
  5. I just looked at this, and unfortunately the disk does obfuscated loading a la Spelunker 😞 @Wrathchild Did you mean "the second button of the Amiga mouse" rather than "the second button of a Joy2B controller?" I think the game plays better with a mouse compared to a joystick, but I'm not sure offhand what the correct handling of the second button would be... Does anyone else want to attempt this?
  6. I just tried it and it works pretty well - this is a pretty elegant way to handle selecting the control preferences. Thank you @Eyvind Bernhardsen for making this! @ascrnet Please replace the existing Spelunker binaries on the git/wiki with Eyvind's binaries 🙂
  7. @ascrnet...and this is what happens when I try to code these with the sound off. 🙂 I also tried using dis6502 to get a disassembly of the file for use with WUDSN IDE (many of the previous hacks were done by manual hex editing/note taking in a text editor). For whatever reason, it apparently misplaced a few bytes along the way 😞 At any rate, here's a fixed version - I just copied/pasted the relevant joy2b patch code into the actual binary in a hex editor. Thanks for pointing this out! Picnic Paranoia - Joy2B - Rev 1.xex
  8. Here's Choplifter XEGS Joy2B (the full-color Mode E version, since IMO it's better suited to the Atari's strengths and it's PAL-friendly). Old controls: Press and release the fire button to shoot Hold the fire button to change which way the helicopter is facing New controls: Button 1: Shoot Button 2: Change which way the helicopter is facing (firing now happens on button press rather than button release) Essentially, the button controls are now in line with the original Apple II version. Firing should now be more responsive, and it should now be easier to aim at things overall 🙂 Cartridge and .xex files are provided. (Cartridge is based on the original cart; .xex version is based on the Homesoft version) Choplifter! _ Atari (US) - Joy2B.car Choplifter XE - Joy2B.xex
  9. I actually did hand assembly (well, text file assembly) along with a hex editor for many of the recent Joy2B hacks. It's still a useful technique if you want to replace small amounts of code in an existing binary, since you'll be counting opcode sizes to make sure everything fits. Having to recount branches by hand is painful, as @Rybags said. With that said, it can still easier than dealing with disassemblies that involve branches, JSRs and JMPs to locations that are dynamically remapped on load, and are thus near-impossible to follow without the assistance of a debugger...
  10. That...is one very comprehensive memory map. 🙂 Now that we know where all the variables are, it should be easier to play around with things. Thank you for providing this @kiwilove!
  11. @kiwilove and I (and others) were discussing Hawkquest's game balance in the Joy2B thread, and we generally agree that even with separate fire/bomb buttons, the game might be in need of some game balance tweaks to make the game a little easier. Quote from the aforementioned thread: "Overall the game is probably too tough and needs some hacking to make it more playable/fun for the general player. I do have some ideas but may not be so easy to implement?" I personally feel that the right gameplay foundations are in place (it's still the most ambitious Xevious-inspired shooter I've ever seen on the Atari 8-bit, including the actual Atari Xevious prototype); it just needs some tweaks to prevent cheap player deaths. (I say this as someone who actually prefers harder games, but we ideally want the "you-were-fairly-warned" kind of Hard...) @kiwilove What ideas did you have for tweaking the game? Here are some ideas I have (not an exhaustive list) based on (repeatedly getting blown up in) my Joy2B-testing playthroughs: Flying sections: Make it easier to actually hit targets: Widen the shot sprite to make it easier to hit air targets. Allow at least 2 simultaneous bombs onscreen, or if that's not possible, increase the speed of the bombs, a la "Flak". There's a ton of onscreen bomb targets, and it'd be mighty satisfying to be able to destroy more of them... Have the simultaneous shot maximum be independent from the simultaneous bomb maximum (right now it's 2 shots, 1 of which can be a bomb) Increase the width of the bomb's hitbox to allow easier destruction of ground targets. Prevent cases where the player can get trapped/insta-killed a bit too easily: Decrease the width of the player's hitbox - the chopper's rotors make it a bit of a wide target. This alone might prevent a fair amount of the deaths. (I assume it's using standard P/M collisions for this; we may have to switch to software collisions that kick in if a P/M collision is detected). Reduce the speed of the really fast flying enemies - they're overly hard to dodge without trial and error, and the Atari's landscape screen orientation inherently means less lead time for the player to react to them. Similarly, ensure that the flying enemies don't ever move at the same speed as the player (in the x or y direction) to enable easier dodging. Change the splitting formation patterns to prevent funneling the player into hard-to-dodge traps. Don't allow flying enemy explosions to also be fatal to the player - that just makes the flying enemies even more unnecessarily hard to dodge. (I assume the collision logic is parsing the explosion as still technically being an enemy, and counting it as a fatal collision) If a player respawns near where a swarm of fast-flying enemies would normally appear, don't respawn those enemies too (this one in particular caused a bunch of instant deaths for me on new lives). Give some visual cue (in the status bar?) before a flying enemy suddenly comes up from below. Or perhaps prevent them from spawning from the bottom if the player is at the bottom of the screen. The "shotgun blast" flying enemies should be destructable, and perhaps only come in one at a time - their bullets shouldn't be that fast either. For the Bacura-alikes, change the randomization a bit/de-densify them to prevent cases where moving between them is nearly impossible. (I've been funneled into what are effectively dead ends before.) Make more of the ground targets unable to fire at you if the player has flown past them or is flying very close to them (since the player can't fire backwards); either that, or suppress such firing if there's a bunch of air targets onscreen. Maybe make the earlier planets easier so that there's a noticeable step up in difficulty in each new planet. Side question: is there an actual tactical advantage to making a second attack run upon destroying the forcefield? On-foot sections: Give the player more of a visual clue on the traps so that the player isn't just instantly frozen in some places (thus turning the player into an instant punching bag) - either that, or just equip players with the trap finder from the start. Make enemy spawners stay dead even if they're scrolled off-screen. Allow the user to retry the on-foot section by pressing the fire button on game over (just like the flying sections) Given the emphasis on exploration, perhaps start the player with the maximum amount of marines, especially given how easily players can get killed off in the flying section. To compensate for the increased player fairness but decreased difficulty, perhaps it'd be good to put in a score/performance-based ranking/bonus system so that players can get rewarded for playing the game optimally and destroying a bunch of enemies (a la Star Raiders's end game ranking) - max scores/ranking per level could potentially be stored in the save file. Regarding implementation difficulty: We have a fair amount of memory to play with (basically what's under what would be the OS rom that hasn't been taken up by existing new routines); it's more a matter of trying to figure out how the rest of the code works and what variables do what. Neither @playsoft or I have dug too deeply into this; it's probably a fairly large undertaking. With that said, if someone does do that, the actual changes might not be too hard. Some of them will be harder than others to implement, of course...
  12. @kiwilove After having played the Mycea level (and occasionally a few others) repeatedly to test out the Joy2B changes (I still need to get through the secondary game on that one), I'm more or less in agreement with you. The right gameplay foundations are in place; it mostly needs some tweaking for the sake of game balance and preventing cheap deaths. I'll start a new thread to discuss this...
  13. Here's Airball Joy2B (XEGS cart). Controls: Button 1: Jump Button 2: Pick up/drop objects (replaces the OPTION button function) Note that pressing any keyboard key (Space bar, letter key, ...) still works; this also picks up/drops objects. Airball - Joy2B.car
  14. Here's Shadow World Joy2B (.xex file version, based on the one from Homesoft with XL/XE compatibility fixes) Existing controls: Button 1: Shoot Space bar: Smart Bomb (this still works in this Joy2B version) Joy2B additional controls: Button 2: Smart Bomb In a one-player game, only controller 1 can activate smart bombs (as it should be). In a two-player game, each person can activate a smart bomb from a shared pool (the game starts with 3 in reserve, with one added for every completed level). Shadow World - Joy2B.xex
  15. Here's Picnic Paranoia Joy2B (.xex file version, based on the one from Homesoft with XL/XE compatibility fixes) Existing controls: Button 1: Swat Space bar: Bug Spray (this still works in this Joy2B version) Joy2B additional controls: Button 2: Bug Spray Note that you get a can of bug spray at 5000 points, and at every 10000 points thereafter (15000, 25000, ...) Confirmed working with both players. Picnic Paranoia - Joy2B.xex
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