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  1. Wooooow Very very very cool !!! I will burn an eprom just now and play it with my Kids!!!! Very very Thanks!!!!!!!!
  2. Thank for replying my friend. I have interest on its datasheet due the original ic is very hard to get living in Brazil. The bud Batari told me that he believes TB759933 can be replaced with 74LS00. Once more thanks again!
  3. Hi friends. A friend of mine asked me for some help about an integrated circuit that I never seen before TB759933 from Texas instruments. I think it is a part of the Bankswitch array. May some friend to send me the datasheet about it? I also would like please if someone could tell me another IC that could be a substitute for it. Special thanks from Brazil.
  4. What is the error you got??? I tried to program some AM2732B using my willem programmer and all works fine.
  5. TL866II WILL NOT program 2732 chips and will NOT program 2716 chips commonly used for Atari 2600 (2k or 4k games). That programmer not reaches 21v (and above) vpp voltage required by this eproms. Willem is better to do that in this case. Willem do the job.
  6. THE GAMES INSIDE THE ROMS I PLACED ABOVE IS: E.T Press Cooker Robot Tank Pigs in Space (ALL BY RENTACON) H.E.R.O. (By Rentacon) Pole Position (By Rentacon) Moon Patrol (By Rentacon) Beam Raider (By JVP)
  7. Sorry for the delay. Covid-19 time it is been a hard days and hard night here. I dumped my two carts today an sent zip files here. Please note that this is a weird strange cart. It uses a kind of special 16K chip that fits a 32K data content. So I did two types of reading. Firstly I did a read as a 27128 chip and after I did a read as 27256 chip. Please Keep in mind that the actual chip is a NMC27CP128Q. I sent attached all the data I got. I placed some pics from the board too. Hope be useful for you. Once more sorry for the delay on dumping the files... READ AS 27C128.zipx READ AS 27C256.zipx
  8. SORRY FOR REBIRTH AN OLD POST BUT I do Have a BIT 7000 console in its original Box with papers... It is an Atari 2600 clone with a kind of nes style.
  9. Cara! Eu comprei teus livros!!! Foi a coisa mais deliciosa do mundo lê-los!!!!!! Tem mais alguma coisa??
  10. I think the arrows are pointing clockwise. When the lowest resistance is reached, full clockwise is also achieved. But this is not a problem. Testing is very easy. If not, just invert the wire to the other contact of the potentiometer. Remembering that the center (cursor) does not change.
  11. Thanks a lot friend. I did the 4050 mod and removed only the sound oscilator (transistor, inductor and the resistor that is the way to mix the signal to video). I build two ones. Used 74HC4050. The results was GREAT!!!! My consoles are NTSC versions. Tried a lot lot lot of simple av mod versions, (with 0, 1, 2 and 3 transistors) but all of then was terrible. The only one that gave me a CLEAN and PERFECT SCREEN with NO INTERFERENCES and NO NOISY PICTURES is even the 74HC4050 MOD .
  12. Hi friends, please.. Where do I find cartridges connector that fits perfect on a Vader´s atari 2600 console?? Thanks
  13. The UM6526P1 is indeed the PAL version of the TIA. ( I think is the same as CO11903) and both may have NO THE SAME pinouts than 6526N!!!!!! UM6526N, KSC131 and CO10444D, are the NTSC version!!! Please take a look below for more...
  14. I did it. Tried on several TV devices, CRT and LED ones but the issues always was there. On CRT TVs the issues was less than in Led TVs but still is there. On led TV the issues was too much!!! Using the 4050 mod at the same TVs devices as did before, all work perfect. All the pictures I posted here was taken using the same TV device. The issues pics and the solved pics are at the same screen device.
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