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  1. I Found another one. It is a 4 in 1 The most interesting thing is that in this circuit, the switches are not SPDT devices as in the in MOST OF THEM! Here the switches are simple on/off ones.
  2. Would be very interesting! I would like to see!
  3. So the roms I sent you haves the same bankswitch scheme as that weird cart? Then The other ones I sent you might work too.. All of them works in the same board I tested here, so I think if one of them works all other must work too.
  4. Please... test it and I will remove the chip from my cart to do the dump for you too.
  5. Today, another Surprise to me!!!!! I found one more cart that DOES NOT HAVE any inverter!!!! The words on the CHIP is: AT&T ´85 QD27128A2 PGM @ 12,5V INTEL ´83 Tha games into the eprom: Frogger (no brand name) Box By ACTVISION Crackpots By PROOM FrostBite By PROOM It appears that exists a lot of 27XX that does not need any inverter to work on ATARI 2600
  6. Unfortunately I live in another country. I could do it for you with pleasure But if you live in USA, it should be very easy to find an electronics technician to replace this connector for you!
  7. I have another 4 i 1 (4K each one game) board absolutely identical to this one but it uses a 27C128 instead 27C256 and it doesn't have the resistors.
  8. As I told before, this is not the circuit with the floating pin. The board I test the roms haves the pins 4 and 5 connected together.
  9. One More!!! That is a 4 in 1 (one of it 2k and 3 others 4K). It works perfect. They use a bigger 27C256 eprom than needed due to be the one they had it in the hands at those days I think. I attached here the rom dumped from it. The first eprom´s 16K is all BLANK (FF). How is it possible??? I plan to use that 27C256 in another cart and put a 27C128 here. My quest is: What is the reason to use that red pointed resistors connected from pins 6,7,8 to +B ?????????? A 27C128 will work here? 27C256_ 4in1 Bowling_Donkey Kong_Kunf Fu_Atlantis.BIN
  10. Just to report. I don't know if this has to do with the problem but on this circuit, pins 4 and 5 of the LS00 are soldered together.
  11. Once more Thanks friend! But tell me more please. Haves Each of the eproms exactely a half original rom codes ??? If yes, is possible to changes the roms with two 2732 ones that contains a half of Popeye (for example or any original 8K rom) code each one and it will work???
  12. WOOOOOOOWW !!! alex_79 !!! O Tapper v3 que você me enviou hoje está funcionando MUITO BEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sinto muito pelas fotos ruins, mas minha placa ATARI 2.6K está conectada a um dispositivo CRT !! Estou mandando as fotos !!! Muito obrigado aos amigos alex_79 e Thomas Jentzsch por me ajudarem na conversão de bankswitching para minha prancha brasileira !!! E obrigado a todos pela atenção em mim e nos meus problemas !!!!!
  13. Hi friend, thanks again. Please tell me what you think. As you can see in the pics I attached, this Board is locked at this time to run two 4K games but it is designed to run till four 4K games. It will works without any inverter with a 27128 ??? The red pointed places in the pics below is the switches to select the games.
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