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  1. Here's what one of the developers said (2019) about it on the other forum: It's enough work already to realize just the C65-stuff (and what else they want for now in the Mega65). He says somewhere else, he really would like to see an Amiga core for the Mega65 some day, but they can't do it now. Someone else said in this thread, the RAM used in the Mega65 called "HyperRAM" could be a problem for Amiga usage. That should be considered. But if I see the specs of the Mega65 - 40 times as fast as the C64, also PCM sound - it sounds a bit like Amiga to me. Although it's still supposed to be an 8 bit architecture, so that's still a bit different. I'm just not sure. But it sure looks nice.
  2. Yeah, in their forum (in German), they say, they're selling at such a price, that they don't make any profit, but also don't have losses (so plus/minus 0). That even made me a bit sad, I mean, they deserve a bit of profit, don't they? And still the price is way too high. My ideal would be the "MISTer Multisystem" in the Mega65-case / with the Mega65 keyboard (the smaller one, without the floppy (though when I think about it, having an integrated Amiga floppy drive would be really cool, too)). I'd like to run all kinds of cores on it, Atari 8-bit for example, so the Mega65 itself is a bit too Commodore 64/65-orientated for me.
  3. Well, on the one hand, you're right, that's what you do in HERO. But on the other hand: Aren't video games in general just games of memorization? Jump from a point on a platform the first time (in Jumpman for example) and fall down. Memorize, where you can jump, and make it to the next level the second time. Seems just like a general principle of video games to me. Not an argument against a specific one.
  4. What? It's one of my favourites. Ok, it's not like Pitfall II (especially not as huge), but think of it: The game idea, gameplay, graphics, sound - it's all just about perfect. Great game!
  5. I'd like a MiSTer Multisystem with an included keyboard. There's another FPGA-project slowly taking shape, which aims at creating a modern successor to the C64, which is called "Mega65". It says, the project is open-source. There had already been a DYI-kit of it, which had a nice compact keyboard. It looked like this. As I understand it, this case and keyboard design would be open-source too. The Mega65 is a nice project. But the product will be quite expensive (as I read), and focusses on its own system. I'd prefer a Multisystem, to run ZX Spectrum-, Atari 800XL-, Amiga 500 (1200)- and Mame-cores on it. And have it all in an opaque (not transparent like in the picture) light grey case (C128 or A500-style), and a keyboard as shown. At a reasonable price. That would be ideal.
  6. It's a different game, but "Buried" (also called "Buried Bucks") on the A8 also has water underground. Just to give an idea, how such water would probably look on the A8. And it's also a nice game.
  7. Oh, I thought, it was a game, I didn't know. Some mysterious pirate adventure game, maybe. A fellow called Guybrush Threepwood once convinced me, these can be quite good. Turns out, it's a collection of disk-utilities and copy-programs.
  8. Sure, the page would be here (it's also mentioned in the written video description). Nice, that you like the device.
  9. Of course, real hardware is always the best. Amiga Forever is useful too, because you then can use the ROMs legally (as you probably know). If I was serious about Amiga emulation and used Windows 10, I'd take a look at this interesting device, which is a dedicated USB-floppy drive for the PC. You can see in the link, what it does. Pretty cool, I think. Though probably not as easy to purchase again.
  10. Oh, and if one of the developers should read here: For the Maxi version, I'd like to see a kind of smaller case-design, similar to the Amiga 600. Maybe with a bit more solid case than the Amiga 600, if you can, but definitely in this (smaller) form factor than the Amiga 500 (which is rather big from today's point of view). Today, for many people space is an issue.
  11. Regarding the three, I preferred Galaga. But I should check out the other two more, before I vote. Galaga 88 was also nice. And I also liked "Phoenix" (although it was weird).
  12. I really love the game, you're talking about, called "Deluxe Galaga" by Mr. Edgar M. Vigdal. I didn't know, he's passed away, so that's very sad news to me. He had a website here (and also a Twitter account). "Deluxe Galaga" can be downloaded from Aminet here. There's an AGA-version ("_A") and an ECS-version ("_E"). "Deluxe Galaga" is probably my favourite "newer" game, in a sense, I came across it only after the original 8- and 16-bit times. First release seemed to have been in 1993 though.
  13. Maybe try FS-UAE, if you don't know it already. This fork has made many things much more convenient than it used to be. And it supports saving of memory snapshots, and even emulates the Amiga floppy noises. To be honest, it's so good, I don't really need another solution. It would just be luxury. Nothing wrong with luxury though.
  14. In particular, they don't want to do the setup for an emulator (configuring the ROMs, the graphics resolution, the RAM, the storage devices and so on). They just want to have a dedicated computer, they can put in front of their television, switch on and play. Which is probably, what they did back then, too. I may be more of a MISTer-guy though. But I'd also like a fitting case (with a (not so loud, tested) fan, if needed - better without a fan, if not needed), not just a circuit board. A fully functioning, complete device, not just parts of it, that is available to be bought. But I'd be willing to configure some software myself. In that sense, the "MiSTer Multisystem" looks promising. Just needs a bit more development (time).
  15. That's the most important thing. The other things will come along again.
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