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  1. These are pics of the game in action, this is on a LED TV not CRT? Had to sell my CRT when I moved as to big 😪
  2. I can totally understand where your coming from, being ultra rare does sometimes have its own issues. I'm guessing that NTSC collector's are more in number due to the size of the NTSC market? Think I might grab me a NTSC console and some NTSC carts too 🤔 🤭😁
  3. So would anyone have any idea as to the value of this cart, given its PAL not NTSC? Most valuations if not all are for the NTSC cart.. I know it could be tricky as its a bit of a hens tooth? 🤔🐔
  4. Hi pitfallharry_de... yes name is Jay. Bought this on UK Ebay around 5yrs ago roughly? I'm in UK also 👌
  5. Thanks buddy, Yes it could be that reason, feel very lucky to own one. Maybe somewhere, someone has a box, maybe a manual (have seen the download one on here) ... or maybe that is two unicorns too many 🤭
  6. Hi Rom Hunter, I'll grab some screenshot of the game when I'm off on Wednesday. Have previously played it a couple of times and plays on one of my PAL Woody's without any issues. When i first started to research the cart I wanted to make sure it was indeed a PAL version. When i originally bought it on Ebay I didn't actually realise how rare it was until the price shot up... i was just scouting to add to my cart collection. How would it be 'dumped' to check? Again new to this side of it so any help is gratefully received 👏😁
  7. Thanks atari181, tbh I've only ever seen one other PAL version and that was the one pictured on the 2010 thread! I saw a NTSC version cart on ebay about a year after I bought this one and the seller was asking $999 at that time. Due to the rarity of this cart it brings its own difficulties trying to find out more about it sadly. Thanks for the link to the R9 as well 😁
  8. Good afternoon, I'm a newbie to forums and a first time poster so bare with me! I am a big fan of Atari having grown up with one in the 70's. I collect most consoles now but the Atari is a big passion... I have a copy of River Patrol as you can see in the attached pics. It is a PAL version which I believe is very rare, I know the NTSC version is rated as R9... I have read the thread posted on here in 2010 regards this cartridge and just wanted to know if anyone might have more info on it? I'm wondering how many PAL versions were actually produced.. Any help welcomed Many thanks
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