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  1. 1 Million point rollover at Round 53. Happy Gaming! Dig Dug All Fruit Patterns Playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9-mbVLOE1xcIJ628a1lUO4alXACx54pj
  2. Improvement thanks to the Round 10 Frygar cooperating this time 554,100 Points Rounds 1-31 Happy Gaming! Dig Dug All Fruit Patterns Playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9-mbVLOE1xcIJ628a1lUO4alXACx54pj
  3. 552,130 points by the end of round 31 with my latest patterns... Dig Dug All Fruit Patterns Playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9-mbVLOE1xcIJ628a1lUO4alXACx54pj
  4. Rounds 21-31 Dig Dug All Fruit Patterns Playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9-mbVLOE1xcIJ628a1lUO4alXACx54pj
  5. Rounds 12-20 Dig Dug All Fruit Patterns Playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9-mbVLOE1xcIJ628a1lUO4alXACx54pj
  6. Here are some new and updated all fruit patterns for you dirt lovers to check out. These recordings were done using MAME .220 and the Rev 2 romset (digdig).The dip-switches are set for medium difficulty, 3 lives to start and extras at 10k,40k and every 40k. These patterns should work on any of the Atari/Namco romsets as long as you match the difficulty. If everything goes right you can score around 553,300 points by the end of round 31 without any other excessive dirt digging. Rounds 1-11 Dig Dug All Fruit Patterns Playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9-mbVLOE1xcIJ628a1lUO4alXACx54pj
  7. Part of the last phase of development for the The Promised End MH project is to dial in the difficulty to be as accessible as possible for most players while still making it challenging for experts. To help with that we wanted to hear from other players to see how far they get and what keeps them from progressing deeper into the original game. 1. (When playing from level 1 forward) What's the highest level you usually get to using factory default settings? 2. How far do you get when warping to higher levels like level 13+ for example? 3. Please describe what obstacles/enemies give you the most trouble and what level this is on. Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide.
  8. Somehow I had the good luck to also be asked to put together a segment about Atari's I, Robot for the virtual California Extreme Twitch Broadcast which you can check out here: CAX 2020 I, Robot Segment I also put together a level guide of sorts that shows you how to get through Levels 1-52: I, Robot Level Guide Happy Gaming!
  9. If you are a Tempest fan you should check out Jonathan Koolpe's segment from the virtual California Extreme broadcast on Twitch yesterday : CAX 2020 Tempest Segment Happy Gaming!
  10. "Keep playing, the home world is near." Like many others I spent a great deal of time looking for that "home world" in Major Havoc when I was a kid in the 80's. My friends and I were obsessed with Major Havoc's multi genre gaming madness thinking there would be many more games like it that never came to be after the arcade scene crashed and burned. Decades later I got back into classic arcade gaming again through MAME and meeting like minded friends who owned original cabs and threw arcade parties every now and then. I was starting to set high scores and even WR's on some titles as I started to attend California Extreme here in the Bay Area where I happened to be showing off on Major Havoc one day as someone came up behind me and said "You're pretty good at my game". That was the one and only Owen Rubin the designer of Major Havoc and many other great classic titles. Around the same time I had reached out to Jess Askey who had put together the Return to Vax rom hack with some cool new levels for Major Havoc. He had been hacking Major Havoc and interested in the home world since the 80's with friends like Bryan Roth and others. I think they first hacked arcade roms to get tons of lives to see if they could find the home world and that many years later led to the creation of new levels by figuring out how the game stored them so they could make changes in a hex editor to build new ones. I was working on setting high scores on both the original MH and Return to Vax (in MAME) so I kept sending Jess and Owen playback vids of my efforts. At some point in early 2018 Jess told me about the MH Level Editor that he was working on with Bryan Roth and others. He let me know that they really wanted to complete Owen's vision for the final game, with his help no less, that had been cut short when Atari rushed the game out in the middle of the arcade crash. Jess asked if I would be interested in helping them test it out and to see if I could come up with some cool levels. The original plan was to have a contest after the level editor was finished and then he and Owen would pick the best ones to put in the final game. At some point after I had started to crank out working levels Jess jokingly told me that I had already won the contest basically and the rest is still being made history. Currently we have added back three of the Return to Vax levels Jess made and I have had the honor and great fortune of being allowed to create nine more new levels bringing it up total total of 28 for The Promised End (5 new "regular" levels and 4 hidden ones featuring the new Maxoid enemy that never got implemented into the original game). Jess, Bryan Roth and others helping him under the watchful eye of our "benevolent overlord" Owen Rubin have been working hard on the Level Editor as well as adding to and modifying the original game code to help realize all the great ideas that got left on the design table back in the 1980's. You may or may not know that we have had a couple of presentations about the project at the last two California Extreme events. I also did a new segment about the status of the project for the virtual CAX that was broadcast yesterday on Twitch. Here are some links to the 2019 Major Havoc talk as well as the Twitch feed from yesterday of me showing some of the new levels : CAX 2019 Major Havoc Panel Discussion Playlist Virtual CAX 2020 Twitch Broadcast Major Havoc Segment Unfortunately, we did not have much time to put together the segment for CAX 2020 and ran into some technical issues when filming over at Jonathan Koolpe's great home arcade in San Bruno that kept me from showing off the end of the game that was promised for the segment (so ironic lol). It's probably for the best because there were some surprise bugs with the rom build we had for the recording session that have been fixed since then, I've made some design changes to the final levels, and Jess has added some of the final Homeworld animation. I used that updated romset to put together this new HBMAME playback video below that shows off the final 4 mazes of the Vaxxian Mainframe Cube as well as the "end" of the game that includes the new Vaxx Bonus screen, a peak at the Homeworld Animation, and the end game credits plus a quick a look at the start of the second loop of the game. Major Havoc The Promised End - Level 21-24 End Game+ v0.71 You can read more about the project here, download the Level Editor and or find out how to convert your original MH PCB to the Promised End version (you can also play updated MH roms in HBMAME) : https://mhedit.askey.org/ You can follow our development progress on Github here where I also believe Jess is releasing patch roms of the most recent build (you need original MH roms of course) : https://github.com/jessaskey/mhavocpe https://github.com/jessaskey/mhedit The current goal is to be finished by early 2021. Happy Gaming!
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