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  1. The games worked great! Thanks again! Cart 16 is in mint condition for comparison.
  2. Hey, it's my birthday today and I'm at my bday lunch. Right as I walked out the door I grabbed the mail and I got the multicart today! The box and cart look great, I can't wait to try it out! Thanks for the game, I'll post pics later!
  3. Ayyyyye, it shipped before my bday, I call that a success! Btw, slugs are now on the cart!
  4. I came back here after a decade to buy a item from a user that I've been watching ever since. I was having issues verifying my email and sent a email to the staff and they accepted this account, thank you. Though, after checking my emails I saw that I had a account on here since my email kept the original user creation. So on 9/22/2010 4:43 PM I made a account using and I'm unsure how I'd swap over to that classic account, it's not much but I'd like to make my post relating to that purchasing using my legacy account instead.
  5. Hey, this is NickMWPrince. I submitted a order last night and have been watching this thread since it came out. I'm glad you're doing orders still! Hopefully I'll be able to get one before my bday!
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