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  1. Hello, I made a new hack from Circus Atari. It is one of my favourite game on the 2600, but I never been fond of the (too little ?) characters jumping on the trampoline. So why not having two rounded bad guys from Pengo ! This game works in NTSC, PAL and SECAM... with the right colors. To do so, I have defined a common palette, so it is not necessary to maintain two (or three) versions of the BIN. I will soon write an article about this technique, it might interest some other programmers. In all cases, the game runs at 60 Hz. http://atarivcs.free.fr/atari-2600-hacks-en.htm#Pengo_2_Sno-Bees_Balls Enjoy ! Igor. P-S : I am not quite sure about the name of this hack. I fear someone might be disapointed to not find pengo in the game. In another hand, if we don't mention "Pengo" in it, some people won't understand that these two character come from Pengo. I recently discovered myslef that they are called Sno-Bees !
  2. Hello Arenafoot, Yes, I had to change the url because the atarivcs server has closed by itself (error 500). I will try to get it come back, but for now I have moved the website to vectrex.free.fr Concerning the "Pengo 2 : Snow Bees' Balls", I wasn't sure for the name this is why I haven't already posted about it at AtariAge However, I hope that you will like it ! Circus Atari is a pretty good game (a sort of Breakout revisited), but I never been fond of the characters (They look too small to me). so i tried different things before having the idea to put the bad guys from Pengo in it. Igor.
  3. Hello, I am looking for some hacks that re-use a graphic kernel, but to do a different game : the gameplay is totally (or very much) different from the original game. So far, I have found only 3 games that have been hacked this way : - Elk Attack (from Pengo) - Radar Lock (from Solaris - well it's not really a hack, but it reuses a part of the code) - Knightmate (from Video Chess) Does anyone here knows more games that have been hacked like this ? Thanx Igor.
  4. Hello, I have taken photos and written an issue about the twelve boxes that have a different color (or illustration for Pac-Man) between PAL and NTSC. Some of you might be interested by this : http://atarivcs.free.fr/atari-2600-vcs-boites-pal-ntsc-couleurs.htm It is written in french only, but the most interesting part are the pictures. Igor.
  5. Hello 4ever2600 and TrekMD I have added a fifth hack. It is pretty much the same graphics as the original SI... but with a kind of different gameplay. In fact, it is a pack of three hacks with the same idea : getting Space Invaders harder and harder ! Igor.
  6. (I hope that I am in the right place to post this) While I was hacking Parker's Frogger, I found these interesting lines : LDA $DE CMP #$10 BNE LF0E9 LDA INPT4 BMI LF0C0 LDA $DD ROR BCS LF0BD LDA INPT5 BMI LF0C0 I noticed the presence of INPT4 and INPT5, which means that the joystick's buttons are been watched. It is stanged, because they shouldn't, since the games only use the four directions. Then I understood that when the games ends and the music starts ($DE = #$10), if you press the button, then the game starts again... and you don't have to bend to your console to press GAME RESET. In a two player mode, both players have to press their buttons to do so (This cannot be done when you switch on the console). As far as I know, it has never been mentioned in any booklet manual. Igor.
  7. Hello Everybody (this is my first post at AtariAge !) I graphic-hacked four 2600 games. They have been easily done, thanks to Blinky's Bithacker. You will find few explanations and downloads for each of them on my website : http://atarivcs.free.fr/atari-2600-hacks-en.htm I hope that you will enjoy them ! Igor.
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