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  1. My opinion, as a current/avid Jag buyer (lately, mostly on ebay): I think Jag stuff (and video game stuff in general) is starting to see a LITTLE bit of decreased demand versus where it was 5 months ago. A lot of it is pandemic related. When you're on lockdown, you suddenly want to revive that retro video game collection you sold 15 years ago because, well, what else are you gonna do? My local retro game store owner agrees. I tried to buy a PS3 controller from him the other day...can you believe they were sold out? He's had a tub full of them for years!! The "popular" retro consoles seem to be mostly affected, but so is the Jaguar to some degree. I think once we start to get past the pandemic - vaccine, election, whatever - demand will inevitably shift from physically isolated activities (like gaming) to ...everything else...
  2. Hello! I actively collect Jaguar and Virtual Boy games and accessories. I mostly buy locally and on ebay, but finally getting on this forum so, figured I would post a want list to see if I could locate some of the harder to find items. Jaguar Kiosk / Display Air Cars Towers II Worms JagWare - watch, mug Need a 2nd Pro Controller Foam inserts for Jaguar blockbuster case If you have these items, please shoot me a PM. Thanks! Andy
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