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  1. Peter, I went through this last century when I made a RAM cartridge out of a Finance cartridge. I have not been able to find my lab books from back then yet. What I used was some disassembled code and chapter 1 of the Editor Assembler Reference Manual. Chapter 1 explains the format of the header for the cartridges. Take a look at that first. If I find my lab books I will give you the info I had there. Willy
  2. I have a copy that i received from ti cares many moons ago. Its not the best copy, but it worked for me, I had put some time in to trying to clean it up but was too boring! They are large copies, so each sheet is 3 copies that perhaps you could piece together. enjoy lcdkbd_a.PDF lcdkbd_b.PDF lcdkbd_c.PDF logic_a.PDF logic_b.PDF logic_c.PDF power_a.PDF power_b.PDF power_c.PDF
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