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  1. I took a dead 800XL and mounted a mini PC in the case. I used an Arduino Leonardo to convert the 800XL keyboard to work with the PC via USB. Here is a link to a good video of DJ Sures doing the conversion. He also has the required connections and coding to do the job. The hard part is connecting the keyboard mylar to the wires going to the Leonardo. Since my motherboard was dead I cut the connector off the board and used soldered the wires onto the back of the connector. The keyboard works fine now.
  2. Not all of the VGA to HDMI adapters will sync to 15khz. I was lucky and someone had posted in the questions area that they had tried it with an Atari and it worked. Here is the link to the one I bought. Like I said before its currently unavailable, but might give you a better idea of what to look for, Amazon.com: eSynic VGA to HDMI Converter Box 1080p HD Video Converter Adapter with RCA L/R Audio Input for HDTV Projector Monitor PS3 Laptop Desktop: Electronics
  3. Last year I bought an inexpensive VGA to HDMI converter on Amazon that also has a converter that will sync down to 15khz. It was less than $20.00. Unfortunately it is now marked as unavailable. This would work with the ST to VGA converter that you have pictured. I built my own cable (with a switch to go between the mon and color modes). There are some cables available on Ebay. Some are for color mode and others are for mono. Make sure you get the color one if you mainly use color. If you have an old Atari monitor cable you can make a cable fairly easily. I can post the pinouts if you are interested
  4. I have Atari St keyboard working through a Arduino Leonardo to use as a keyboard with a Windows PC. The coding I used doesn't include functionality for the mouse or joystick. Does anyone here know if someone has done this? I've put together a Windows PC in an old Atari ST case and would like to be able to use the original mouse and joysticks with it. I know there are adapters to use the joysticks with Windows but I don't know about the mouse. I do have an Atari mouse casing that I could put a Windows mouse into but using the original might be easier.
  5. Years ago, when I had a multisync monitor that would do the 15kHz that the color resolutions need, I made a cable with a switch box in the middle that would let me use color or mono. I thought the monitor quit working in the lower sync rate and got rid of it. I later figured out that one of the wires in the switch box had come loose. Fixed the wire and it works again. I've used it with a VGA to HDMI converter that will let me use all three resolutions on an HDMI monitor.
  6. Just looked and both chips U3 and U5 are socketed. If you send me a personal message with your contact info i can send it to you.
  7. If you can't find anyone local I have a Syquest EZ-135 drive that I could try it on. I'd have to check the drive first to make sure that it is still working. I'm in Wisconsin so not near by. Also have a Syquest 105, 270 and a 1.0gb Sparq drives. They were really great back in the day.
  8. I have a dead 800XL that you could have the chips from. Just need to know which ones they are (not sure of how to find their location on the board. If they are socketed it will be easy. You can have them for the cost of shipping. I took the keyboard connector off of the MB to build a mini PC into the Atari case. I'm located in Wisconsin.
  9. Interesting. I didn't know that MidiMaze worked with the 8-bit Ataris. Our computer club used to run two MidiMazes using Atari STs at GenCon when it was located in Milwaukee. We were lucky that Atari would ship us a bunch of STs to use. At our peak we had two full rings of 16 running every hour of the convention. After Atari quit sending us computers we stayed at the convention using our own machines. Some of our members spent almost the entire run of the convention working there. Those really were the days.
  10. The Arduino is a Leonardo. I bought the actual Arduino brand, but there are cheaper knock-offs. I wish the guy that did the coding would have also added the code for the joystick and mouse. They all come off of the keyboard cable. I'm sure it would be a lot of added work though. Could never figure out how all of those key choices can be done with only a very limited amount of wires going from the keyboard to the motherboard.
  11. I found the site that has the code for the keyboard conversion. He built a Raspberry Pi hybrid into an Atari ST. kevinpeat.com/atari_pi_reworked.html It shows the whole project and there is a link to the coding. It might be the same one that you found. I mounted my PC using some screw type rivets. That makes it easy to remove the PC from the case. Here are some pictures of my project, so far.
  12. I did what you are looking to do with a dead Atari STF computer. I'm not completely finished yet. I mounted a tiny Celeron computer in the case. There are instructions on how to use an Arduino Leonardo board to convert the Keyboard to USB. I agree with the others. Don't kill a good working STe to create this. You can probably find a non-working ST instead. I'll take some photos of my work in progress and post it here. I just retired (literally today was my last day). This is a project to keep me busy now. Here is the Amazon link to the mini-pc. It is only $120.00 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZYCZJVQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I'll also look for the links to the site with the Arduino coding that I used. By the way I tell people that I can't program my way out of a paper bag, but I can build things.
  13. How much would you be asking for the Arduino code and the pinouts to the joystick connectors? I'm building a Celeron PC into an 800XL case and want to hook the joystick ports up to the PC. I already found the code for the keyboard and used an Arduino micro to make it work. I don't have any Arduino coding skills, but can put something together if I have the code. My eventual plan is to show the 800XL off, starting with it in Atari emulator mode playing games and then switch it into Windows 10 mode. I'm also working on building a small wireless mouse into an old game cartridge. I'm thinking of making the label on the cartridge either "Mouse House" or "Mouse trap". I'm retiring in a couple of days and will have plenty of time to work on this.
  14. I had a similar problem with my 800XL keyboard. Two lines of contacts weren't working. I bought a replacement mylar and it didn't help. While fighting with it I only tightened a couple of the screws and low and behold those lines started working. It turned out that I was tightening all of the 18, or so, screws too much. Now it works fine, with the old mylar, no less.
  15. Where are you located? I have this taken from an Atari 1050 drive.
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