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  1. Just completed installing a switch to jump a bad spacebar switch on an Atari 800. The Hi-Tek PN#373-70115A proved amenable to alteration and it now has a mostly functional spacebar once more! Many many thanks to oracle_jedi! Without your knowledge I would've had a much more difficult time finding the requisite switch. If you ever plan on visiting the Metro-Detroit area, send me a message ahead of time and I'll buy you a drink!






  2. I've got an 800 with a broken spacebar as well. Switch 57 on the Hi-Tek PN#373-70115A. Power to the switch is good, it's just broken somewhere inside of the switch. The two contacts inside the switch aren't getting power at all. I'm interested in where you found that switch you've used in your repair, as I'm having difficulty finding one like it here in the United States. Any ideas?
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