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  1. So in this thread I was helped by the folks here to learn that one of the voltage regulators on my 800 power supply board was bad. On that same board there appears to be corrosion on some of the solder joints: and it looks like the corrosion spills over multiple traces. Does this need to be cleaned off, and if so, how? Yes I am new to this. Cheers Dukester
  2. Yes reviving an old thread but I bought a wonky A800 a few months ago. Mitsumi keyboard, & only 2 keys worked, maybe, kinda sorta. Found this thread, watched the flashjazzcat yt video previously mentioned, bought some conductive paint, and wowee zowee every key works again! Thanks folks! Now I just need some memory for the poor things and a 6532 chip for my dead 810 drive. One step at a time! Thanks again Dukester
  3. Well shoot, i am in a hurry to get my 800 running again, lol! Having to wait on a magazine from Germany, booooooo.
  4. Thanks. I emailed to ask but there appears to be no online PDF version..?
  5. Are there any more details on ClausB's mod or has anyone else replaced 4116's with 4164 in an 800? I see the schematic but I am not confident I could build it off of that. (I know I am in trouble when I don't have any idea what Φ2 is or any of those RS4, RS5 & NAND gates!) I see one post says "Look for complete modification instructions in an upcoming issue of pro(c) ATARI magazine!". When I search "48k" on the Atari magazine site I get no results.
  6. It isn’t clear to me if the boards that have non-4116 chips are shot or if they will work once I replace the 7812 voltage regulator. If they are dead, I found a source for 4116’s however they are 150ns instead of 200ns that I have now. Will they work?...will they all have to be the same speed? cheers dukester
  7. Thanks I found some at Jameco and Mouser! Well shoot on the 810, but at least I have the RAM part figured out. Are they likely blown or just not working with the high voltage?
  8. Does the 810 drive use the 12V from the 800? Wondering if this is why I have been having problem with drives as well.
  9. Argh, I didn't scroll up far enough to catch that again. Thanks. AND it explains why my colors are off, COOL!
  10. Thanks! Does the 800 need 12V other places though besides the RAM chips?
  11. Also, interestingly (!), the chips on the good (working) card are 4116's (although there is 1 errant 5290 on that board) like you said! The other cards have either MM5290 or AM9016!
  12. Ok so I checked the voltages on pins 10 and 12 of the SIO port. pin 10: 4.96V pin 12: 18.38V Umm, so is the 18.38V the problem, and if it is how do I fix it? Thank you for helping!
  13. Before I tear this apart, wouldn't the fact that 1 card works in the first RAM slot indicate all 3 voltages are getting to slots correctly, or is the voltages of the three slots independent of each other?
  14. All the RAM cards I have are 16k, and I was only using the first slot past ROM to test each cartridge.
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