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  1. is there any public domain games that you could help me find to use in my film? I want to put it on atari x or snes classic thanks
  2. just an update retrogameboyz got back to me. im sending them nexus and they are going to make a controller!!! yay!
  3. i sent retrogameboyz a question about making a joystick with the buttons for this with atari x. he need a system to work with, i said id send him mine.
  4. hello Draxxon! will Super Nes be added soon? will the controller for atari flashback work. i was wondering if mario draw would work
  5. Hello Draxxon, So I have a flashback X. I download the zipped flashback X system flash file from page 1 then unzip 6 and put it on a usb? when is dragons lair going to be on it or is it already there? this thing is awesome actually. I have it running the gameplay demos of games all the time on my tv. especially the arcade games. feels like when I was a kid and I use to take the boat from the mainland to the island all the time. there was an arcade on the ferry. Bag Man, Donkey Kong, Pacman were there. I filmed bagman on my super 8 camera when I was on the boat. I didn't film the killer whales. I filmed the arcade games. I still have the film of that BagMan demo gameplay somewhere. isn't that funny?
  6. Ok Check this out. And would it work with Star Wars the Arcade Game on Atari X ? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08L7TVCM2/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=glensretrosho-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B08L7TVCM2&linkId=6f5992729695cc27945064df0a2eaf98
  7. i dont know what happened but the atari arcade games are running faster,too fast. starwars the arcade game and popeye and i somehow screwed up the settings for the joystick and it wont play
  8. hello. im at 58% doing the copy of ver 4 very excited to see whats new. ive been documenting everything on my phone but i think its pretty obvious this is cool. thank you again Draxxon its done. everything is really cool. in the next update if there is one can you set the main menu with the yars revenge music again. that was cool.
  9. Thank you for making my ColecoVision awesome!!! Martin
  10. Hello, I followed the instructions of Brad and Draxxon at atariage.com to upgrade my Atari flashback X with a Star Wars theme and over a thousand games and the box art. They were working on the project for a while. I followed the instructions and wow, it works! Thank you Draxxon, and Brad for all the help!!!
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