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  1. I built up an SIO2USB cable today. It seems to be working fine with executables and floppy images but I haven't had much success with cassette images. I plan on tweaking the Case design once I get some RAL appropriate coloured filament
  2. Now it's USB powered! As well as a reproduction joystick to top things off.
  3. I refurbed and upgraded a 600xl very recently and documented everything here:
  4. Thanks for the quick response, I'm very much a beginner. Ok, so I don't need to touch the side2 fw if using U1MB, good to know. Yes, I've read the manuals (uncharacteristically), but I was stumped that I couldn't update the U1MB firmware without doing some unusual help+reset followed by quit to get it to find the ROM files. A Google took me to a post on this forum from a few years back where someone had s similar problem and had to do the same thing. I.e. hope the atr stayed loaded after a soft reboot. I thought maybe this behaviour was related to some other perceived weirdness like the effect of the switch or button on the side2 not being consistent. This could just be my lack of knowledge. I'll definitely watch that video!
  5. Is it possible to update the side2 firmware from the U1MB environment? After much difficulty I was able to update the U1MB to the latest firmware but I've not been able to determine the magic incantation required to update the side2. I'm finding how the 2 devices interact a bit baffling, maybe it's due to the old firmware on the side2.
  6. Now when I select firmware.atr it loads missile command?! Definitely something odd happening. It entered the self test menu on reset. I tried something else, mounting the atr in side2. Loading it. It complains about no DOS. Then pressing help & reset to get back into the U1MB menu. Then Q. At which point the flash tool detects the firmware files and it flashed correctly... I now have the new U1MB menu
  7. Ok, I'm baffled. I've put the firmware atr and Tim files on the CF card. I can get into side2 and launch the flashing program, see the U1MB but no firmware files are listed. Alternatively selecting the atr from side2 and complains about not loading it. Any tips?
  8. Hey everyone, just so we have these all in one spot. Here is my prototype for a 600xl inverted U1MB install. Inverted because it made managing the cables easier, you'll see in the linked post. It prints very nicely with no supports. U1MB holder Flemingt.stl U1MB holder Flemingt.FCStd
  9. thanks! Now to figure that part out. I've a CF card and reader ready to go. I'll format as FAT32 and stick on the firmware files. I understand I can flash it using the side2 cart. For anyone who's interested, here are the files for my upside-down U1MB 600xl bracket. I printed it in under an hour. 50% infill and with no supports. Orientation images are earlier in this thread. Hopefully someone else finds it useful. U1MB holder Flemingt.FCStd U1MB holder Flemingt.stl
  10. Figured it out! Now it's working! I realised that most of the stuck keys were near screw holes. They were over torqued. So I put everything together slowly and rechecked for shorts at various intervals. Thanks everyone for the help!
  11. So I've performed a continuity check across all pin combinations with the kB in socket. These pairs have low resistance 2,16 = 1 2,17 = Esc 4,10 = y 6,11 = h 16,17 = unknown I've checked the socket with the kB removed and they're open. I think it might be time to pull the keyboard apart...again!
  12. No problem, I'll post them once I'm back in front of a more modern computer.
  13. Ok, many steps forward and one step back. The good: Picture over svideo looks great. U1MB is running The bad: That damned keyboard, still not working. Back out with the multimeter.
  14. There is a bit of torque on it all right, it could do with a hook around the board on the left hand side near the cart slot. But it works fine, nothing a bit of cardboard over the top won't fix.
  15. Clearance looks pretty good. Prototype bracket came out well too, no supports needed for printing and I reused some of the RF shield nuts and screws. Definitely room for improvement in the design though. More than happy to share, if anyone is interested.
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