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  1. Let's see... I moved some of the holes to better align with the metal backplane. I moved the position of the power LED and removed the little peninsula it was on. I moved the ribbon cable solder points, for both the keyboard to mainboard and keyboard to option board so that they don't overlap as much. This is better for assembly and cable routing.
  2. No problem. Done for the Main and the Aux boards in their respective gerber folders. Updated the readme file about the Aux board PCB thickness'.
  3. Try looking at those files in an online gerber viewer, if the silkscreen says rev D then it should be the most up to date.
  4. let me check that out... So I deleted the gerbers folder and reuploaded, it may have been a sync issue with my client, but who knows. Can you redownload and see if there's a change on your end?
  5. I was also thinking, if resistors are recommended (or necessary) it wouldn't be too hard to modify the keyboard PCB design to incorporate them.
  6. Thanks. Yeah, it looks like you have. I'm up to rev D here: https://github.com/flemingt/project-helena A plate would be the way to go, but I've no easy way to cut sheet metal so I went with 3DP supports since that's what I'm most familiar with. Adaptors would increase universality, I think I read another project somewhere that was working on that approach.
  7. My 600xl never had a resistor board so I'm unsure.
  8. Hi all, Forgive the delayed response. I've been away. Let me go back and answer some questions... @ivop good tip on gluing the adaptors, it wasn't necessary for me as they're on pretty solid. Anyone is free to fork my fork and add in other features, but for now it suits my purposes. @scorpio_ny a switch plate would be possible using a fabbed PCB, it would increase rigidity though it would require a rethink of the mounting mechanism. Your PCBs look great, it's the same revision I used. Though now he design is several revs ahead. Yes, the option keys are wired 1-1 across the cut mark, there are no crossovers. Interesting that 0.8mm was too thick, I rechecked my order and I definitely had them made at 0.8mm. It's a tight fit, but the friction helps. I'll update the Github to reflect that 0.6mm may be necessary for the 800XL. To separate the board, I just used a hacksaw - it works fine, slow and steady. As per @mytek and @ivop this avoids panelisation. It'll be interesting to see what you come up with to stiffen the board. I figure the distance between the cartridge slot and the keyboard pcb is different on the 600xl vs the 800xl.
  9. Hi @scorpio_ny, 1. keyboard PCB is 1.6mm thick 2. interface board is 0.8mm thick - it's located in the kicad / Helena Aux folder. When ordering this part, don't request any silkscreen be applied. Can't wait to see how yours turns out.
  10. yeah, the latest versions and some pictures are located here: flemingt/project-helena: Atari XL keyboard replacement (github.com) I used AllPCB, quality was good, price reasonable.
  11. No problem. It's not perfect, but it's good enough. I can't wait to see how yours turns out.
  12. Sure thing, it's part of this project (my 600xl mechanical keyboard) https://github.com/flemingt/project-helena
  13. Well, I think I'm done. Theres good clearance between the bracket and interface board. I wound up just soldering to the interface board itself as the Dupont connectors were dodgy. I just need to stick down the relocated U1MB battery, or mod one of the 3D printed brackets to accept it. All buttoned up now and works great. I'll update the files on the github over the coming days.
  14. You can fit a u1Mb in a 600xl no bother if you have access to a 3d printer. I designed a bracket, no drilling required.
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