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  1. Yeah, I guess my other posts were a bit hard to understand for some. "one" is a big keyword here, because I was saying it looks geared only for those age groups. If the games are this simplistic and easy to understand, a person would turn to something else that is much cheaper, most likely their cell phone since it is something they already have and requires no purchases (other than in-game purchases which is a given). When the games looks this unpolished and uninspired, 2 months out from the original console release date, that's a bit worrisome to someone who thought the console would actually be something worthwhile. This is exactly where I got this name, LOL, was reading an article about it when I made this account.
  2. Um, no, but I thought this console was supposed to be for everyone? Are you telling me this is meant for 4-7 year olds? Because I don't get that from Tommy or their marketing team at all haha, but nice try though! Maybe you'll get a gotcha in there soon enough 🥶
  3. I think my point flew over yours 😳 I'd say the graphics of those games look awful, but the gameplay makes up for it. Endless creativity in Minecraft, Pokemon GO is really only interesting because of what it's based on. Without Pokemon, go would be crap. The difference here is that Amico games gameplay is so simplistic, to the point that they seem like they'd be featured on tablets geared towards children 4-7.
  4. I agree with many of your points here, the biggest being the way that the games look. As you said, many of them look like games my younger brothers would download and play on my phone when we were younger. Also, funny comparison grudge, but I don't think comparing Amico games in 2020 to games from the 80's is a good thing haha, that's more like pointing out that the Amico games are of low quality in 2020 😅
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