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  1. Gilsaluki....Paul and I already exchanged emails...thank you again!
  2. Do you have contact information ? My Indus reads intermittently.... and i'd like to get it so it would be 100% where I can offload to an SDMAX all the files that I have.
  3. SUCCESS!! I rotated the board 180...shown below. Also took before and after pics of Centipede. Thank you MacRorie!
  4. Hi Frankie, I've been following you and Bryan in this thread...I also have an Atari 800 and got the UAV kit version. I don't get a display at all...just can hear a click from the speaker and kindly ask for some guidance. The board I have is revision D. I've attached the jumper header layout for an 800 configurations (see attached). To note, I didnt' jumper the diagonal as indicated. It was mentioned that this handles the GTIA to provide 16 shades...instead of the 8 that we should get if i did this minimum install. There are 4 wires running from the green terminal. The 2 opens slots are ground and not running to anything. I'm assuming the GND on top of the board is where I attach a lead and then send it to a spot marked on the board (from Bryan's manual), and the 2 GND on the terminal of the board is not needed. The 4050 chip is not installed. When I power on the system...there is no flicker on the screen. I musta missed something. Could you assist please? Post edit...the last pic flashes on the screen after 1.minute for 30 secs and cycles again. Thank you in advance, Irwin
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